Saturday, October 3, 2009

Working hard...looking for projects....

Well since Tuesday's disappointing doctors appointment, mom and I headed to Joann's fabric to get a fabric for the baby quilt she was making for Emma. While there, I told her we should go ahead and buy the fabric for Josh's gator quilt he's been asking for. We spent an hour picking out fabrics and getting ideas for the design. When we got back to my mom's I went ahead and started cutting out all the pieces while Mom worked on Brooke's diaper bag.

While I had helped with the cutting and laying out of some of the patterns, I have never sewn before. (I've tried but was HORRIBLE). But on Thursday when we started piecing them both, Mom had to go get on the computer for something and I sat down and tried sewing pieces together. I wasn't intending on doing much, but was better than I expected to be and was enjoying it (which isn't a big deal since I enjoy pretty much anything I'm good at, and don't enjoy anything I'm not good at!) So long story short, I ended up piecing Josh's whole quilt myself, and then I basted the batting and backing all day Friday, and today I machine quilted it and Emma's quilt! I'm so proud of myself!

I'm home now and Mom is going to do the binding on Josh's and probably Emma's tonight, so we will have accomplished 2 of them in 3 days worth of work! I will put pictures up when I we are finished, but needless to say, I'm SOOOO PROUD OF MYSELF! :) hehe. If she doesn't come tomorrow, there's a good chance that I'll start another one on Monday after my doctor's appointment. :)

On another note, my Aunt Betty drove over to see us today and spent several hours just chit-chatting with us! She so sweet! Loved spending time with her! Hopefully she'll have reason to come back in a day or two!

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