Saturday, December 31, 2011

Braxton's First Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve this year was on a Saturday, which meant that Mitch actually got to go to the Candlelight service again! He made it the first year after we got married, but hasn't been able to get off early enough in the years since. He did have to work that day, but thankfully was able to make it over to my mom's by 3:45. B, B and me spent the day at my mom's helping get dinner ready and the house cleaned for everyone to come over after the service.The plan had been to have everyone else meet at the candlelight service, but Mom had told them the wrong time and by the time we realized it, it was too late for everyone to make it. So just the Pearsons went. :) It was quite an experience!

Braxton and Brookelynne were wearing the beautiful Christmas outfits that Mrs Carmen bought for them, and looked great. Sure enough though, as soon as we got into the service, Mitch realized that Braxton had pooped up his back and it was all. over. Mitch's. suit. No, I'm sooooo not kidding. So while I took Brax to the bathroom and got him cleaned up, Mitch sat with Brookelynne in the service, with poop all over his jacket. I didn't have anything but some play clothes for Brax, and he had only gotten poop on his shirt, not his jacket or vest, so we went back to my roots, and just came back to the service with just pants and a vest. :) lol. It was kind of hilarious, but I didn't care.

Mitch went and got his jacket as clean as he could and then came back. No sooner did he sit down, then I had to take Brookelynne to the bathroom. All in all, we missed at least the first 20 minutes for trips to the bathroom! The rest of the service went a little rough for us, but that's okay. That's what 'family services' are for right? haha.

By the time we got home Braxton's shirt was dry and we got it back on him. And everyone arrived for dinner. We all ate until we were full, (to the point where no one had dessert because we were so full we forgot it! So thankful that my Mom is such a good cook!) and then settled in to open presents. I asked Brookelynne to help me pass out presents, which was one of the funnest parts of the night! I would say "Take this to Aunt Amy" and she would, or "Take this to Daddy" and she would, but at then Uncle Josh and Uncle Larry started teasing her! With every present she brought in there, they would say "Is that for Uncle Josh?" and she'd say "No, Aunt Amy" or "No, Gabba", etc, and Josh would say "Nooooo, I think it's mine" and she would get this look on her face like she was really doubting what she knew, but then she'd go "NOOOO, _______" and run to give it to who it belonged too. They were all laughing, but it did make present passing out take a lot longer! lol

When we started opening presents, we had a great time. Brookelynne was, of course, old hat at opening presents, and entertaining us all. Braxton was not really interested in opening presents, and would rather climb on the fireplace then open and play with his presents. lol. They both got a lot of great gifts, as did we all. We got new dishes for the house, which are amazing and Mitchell got me a CAMERA!!! :) As in a Canon Rebel T3i!!! lol. It was a fantastic night. We're so grateful for our sweet Savior who we got to celebrate, and for the children we get to teach about Him!

One of the funniest things of the evening was watching Brookelynne play with the new phones they got from Grandma. Brookelynne got a Minnie Mouse phone, and Braxton got a little green flip phone. Immediately, Brookelynne 'switched' with Braxton, and then started walking around the room dropping it into her pants. :) I guess since I always keep my phone in my pocket, she was 'copying' me, and since she didn't have pockets, was just dropping it into her pants. Of course, my brother was one of the first to notice what she was doing and started egging her on, until she was doing it over and over and we were all rolling! She would drop it in her pants, say "Ta-da" then pull the front of her pants forward, reach her other hand all the way down her pants leg, pull it out, holding it over her head and say "I found it" (which is pronounced "I sound it" in Brookelynne language") and we'd all laugh, so she'd repeat it. lol This is a picture of her doing it, obviously laughing at herself right along with us!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's been a MONTH!!!!

Holy Cow. It has been a month since I posted, and now I feel REALLY behind. Brax has a surgery next week, so I'll try to get myself occupied by posting while he's back there, instead of pacing. lol :) Updates coming soon!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

This year as we started getting into the holiday season, I started saying to myself "We'll do this at this time, and get that done the next weekend" and on and on as I planned out the holidays in my head. Unfortuately, we got to Thanksgiving week (and I usually put our tree up the Sunday before Thanksgiving) and realized there was no time set aside for putting our own tree up. So, in haste, while the kids were taking an unusually long nap on Tuesday, I went into the garage, and got the Christmas tree down out of the attic (yes, by myself) and put it up in the living room. Mitch got home as the kids got up and I had him come out and 'catch' the Christmas boxes as I pulled them out of the attic too. Then I had Mitch put the kids in their Christmas pjs, brought the 2 boxes in that had the ornaments and stockings in them and started decorating. :)

The kids got in the spirit right away, Brookelynne remembering from last year what she was supposed to do. She was showing Brax and within a few minutes, he was hanging ornaments too! I'm so thankful for my sweet kids who love learning new things, they melted my heart as they interacted with each other and us as we decorated. We pulled out ornaments that had significance and told them what they meant and sang Christmas carols as we decorated!

The kids had a great time and so did I. I can honestly say that our Christmas decorations this year consisted of what I accomplished that night, not even bringing in the other 3 boxes of decorations. Too bad! lol I'll do better next year! haha. Weren't they adorable!