Thursday, December 1, 2011

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

This year as we started getting into the holiday season, I started saying to myself "We'll do this at this time, and get that done the next weekend" and on and on as I planned out the holidays in my head. Unfortuately, we got to Thanksgiving week (and I usually put our tree up the Sunday before Thanksgiving) and realized there was no time set aside for putting our own tree up. So, in haste, while the kids were taking an unusually long nap on Tuesday, I went into the garage, and got the Christmas tree down out of the attic (yes, by myself) and put it up in the living room. Mitch got home as the kids got up and I had him come out and 'catch' the Christmas boxes as I pulled them out of the attic too. Then I had Mitch put the kids in their Christmas pjs, brought the 2 boxes in that had the ornaments and stockings in them and started decorating. :)

The kids got in the spirit right away, Brookelynne remembering from last year what she was supposed to do. She was showing Brax and within a few minutes, he was hanging ornaments too! I'm so thankful for my sweet kids who love learning new things, they melted my heart as they interacted with each other and us as we decorated. We pulled out ornaments that had significance and told them what they meant and sang Christmas carols as we decorated!

The kids had a great time and so did I. I can honestly say that our Christmas decorations this year consisted of what I accomplished that night, not even bringing in the other 3 boxes of decorations. Too bad! lol I'll do better next year! haha. Weren't they adorable!

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