Monday, August 31, 2009

Amazing Day...

Well as we approach the big arrival day (whenever that happens to be), it seems that there are thousands of things to accomplish, not the least of which is the room. :) And this past Saturday we made great progress on that front! YAY! I spent most of the day at my mom's house and made plans for the rest of the room and worked on some more things for the baby. Around 4:30 I got a call from Ms Tina and she said that she wanted to drop off most of the bedding. She isn't quite done with the quilt, but had everything else done! Sooooo, I got home and it was waiting for me! My mom had headed to Regency to get the last of the fabric we'll need, and so I had her drop by Ms Bev's and pick up some stuff that my sister had sent up for me to use in the room!

She came up and we put the bedding on and put a sheet on the mattress and hung a couple things up and it looks soooooo good! :) I'm super excited! I will have pictures up very soon, I just want to wait for the curtains to be up and mom should have them done and hung by this coming weekend, which is also when the quilt will be done so YAY! :) I will post pics then!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday's Accomplishments....

So yesterday I had a doctor's appointment! YAY! :) I got up and straightened up the house (because there is nothing better than being gone most of the day and coming home to a clean house! *even if its just the living room*) I headed to my mom's around 9:30 and we ate Hardee's for breakfast. I played with Lexie until it was time to go and then we headed to the doctor's office. My appointment was at 11:30 so we got there around 11:15. Unfortunately they didn't see me until 12:10. They checked the baby and said she sounds great and my Uterus is measuring where its supposed to. All in all, everything is great and keep doing what I'm doing! :) I have my next appointment in two weeks and then I'll be down to my once a week appointments!

After the appointment we had lunch with my dad at Bono's which was good because we share this turkey feast thing that's only like $16 for all of us. :) And its really good. For those who don't know the turkey at Bono's is like the best meat ever! haha. When we got back to the house, mom and started working on the basket liners for Brooke's changing table! I cut them out and I would piece them together with pins so that all mom had to do was sew them! Dad had caught a couple fish at his house that morning so he started cooking them for him and mom at like 5 so we took a break to eat around 5:30 and we had them finished by 7! I stopped at Micheal's on my way home and bought some ribbon for the ties, and when I got home and put them on the baskets they totally look great! YAY! :)

I then cooked Mitch some fish that my dad had sent home with me. He called me a liar when I told him that I was making flounder for dinner! (I don't eat fish, so we never have it at home...he was definitely surprised!) He liked it though, so that was good! Then it was off to bed because eventful days like that really take it out of me! hehehe

Monday, August 24, 2009

Work work work, and still more work to be done...

Another week has come and gone and I'm not sure that I'm any closer to having my house clean, my dogs trained or a business started... I have made strides in Brooke's room, as my mom finished the diaper hanger and it looks fantastic! I can't wait to get the rest of the bedding from Mrs Tina. I am starting to worry, but she says she'll have it done next weekend at the latest. We'll see.

I have bleached the carpet in the living room and part of the hall and that is a huge accomplishment since it took forever just to finish one side of the living room bc the stains kept coming back. I also accomplished the large task of folding all the laundry and putting it away which is a big deal because I haven't accomplished that in like 3 weeks. We had just been pulling our clothes off of the spare bed each day! :( I hope to have my friend Marie coming over this Saturday to help me 'clean'. I'm going to attempt to have everything straightened up so that all we're doing is the hard core sanitizing type cleaning. I am on my way to that bc I just reorganized the closet in our bathroom so I have more space to put stuff away! YAY!

Also, the dogs are frustrating to say the least. Today they spent almost 4 hours total in their cages while I was doing different stuff because every time I let them out they would start fighting each other and barking, so back in their cages they went. I hope they get the message because I hate putting them in there but I can't handle the noise and I'll have even less patience when Brooke is here and I have more on my plate, the silly barking for no reason will not be tolerated.

Looks like Mitch is going to be closing every night this week which seriously stinks but I'll live. Maybe I'll go have lunch with him one day. :) I have a doctors appointment Wednesday so I'll update everyone again then!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jennifer 1 Furniture 0, GAME OVER

So yesterday I finally finished the last of the furniture and got it into the nursery! [This means that yesterday, I went to the hardware store, bought some press-board, used the neighbor's table saw to cut the shelves for the changing table (because they needed to be replaced), took the changing table apart, painted it, put it back together and got it into the room! And let me just note that I am super proud of myself for using the table saw successfully by myself, even though I had never used one before!] YAY!!! We have worked our butts off (mom, dad, josh, mitch and me) and since I've been on bedrest all I could think was that Brooke would come and it wouldn't be ready and we'd be spending our nights working on furniture and our days at the hospital! Thankfully that will not be necessary!

Hopefully the bedding will be complete by this weekend and my mom is working on the other accents (drapes, basket liners, diaper bag, hanging organizer), so ideally, I can have EVERYTHING done in a week or so. :) But just having everything in the room is a huge weight off my shoulders. If we're lucky I might get around to cleaning up the garage and putting all the tools away before the room is done! HA! I am not going to put up pictures of the whole room until I get the accent stuff in there, but here are a couple pics of the things that are already on the wall for those of you who are itching to see...

This is her name, centered above her crib! Note the bows are pretty equal and the letters are equally spaced! lol I know this because I worked very hard to space them 6 inches apart exactly! lol

The Custom Made Bow holder that Ms Renee made for Brooke is hanging next to the closet!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A less than ordinary trip to Sams....

So I've needed to go to Sam's for a couple of weeks now and had planned on stopping there on my way home from the doctors yesterday with my mom, but I wasn't feeling up to it so we just came home. Since the doctor okayed me to drive short distances I thought I would try my hand at going by myself.

I arrived at Sams and plopped myself down in one of the electric wheel chair carts (as I promised my doctor I would do every time I go into a store) and began my shopping. I have a method of shopping that includes going around the store a certain way, avoiding the middle if possible. I got the toilet paper and paper towels, the eggos and eggs, and headed to produce. I needed grapes and tomatoes from this section and proceeded to drive my little cart to the place that each is usually kept. I got to my roma tomatoes to find that they only had 3 packages, all rotting. So I had to choose a different kind of tomato. I then headed to the grapes, but alas they were not in the area they are supposed to be. I drove around in circles for 10 minutes looking for them, just to find that they had been put in a different area. Feeling frustrated I headed for the juices and was excited to see a sample person standing on the isle I was trying to go down so I could sample something. BUT I kept having to stop because there were literally 15 people who felt the need to leave their carts and step in front of me to get a sample, stand there and eat it and just as they would walk away another person would do the same thing. I wanted to scream "HELLO PREGNANT WOMAN IN WHEELCHAIR TRYING TO GO DOWN THIS ISLE!!!!" But whatever. Then (about halfway through my shopping, I hear "Will Jennifer Pearson please come to the service desk? Will Jennifer Pearson please come to the service desk? Thank You" So I drive my cart (which moves pretty slowly for those who were wondering) ALL the way to the front of the store because I had apparently dropped my membership card somewhere. I go back to my shopping and am ready to check out but every line has 4 or more people in them, all with cart loads of stuff. So I give in and get a pizza and sit in my cart while I eat it. I check out and head to the door. It looks like its going to start pouring so I decided that I should pull up my car instead of driving the electric cart outside and risking getting it wet. I pick up my purse and proceed to look for my key. I couldn't find it so I empty the entire contents of my purse onto my merchandise and alas it is still not there. So I take the cart to a store employee and ask him to watch it while I walk to my car to see if I dropped it by the car or left it in the car. I have no luck at my car so I go back inside to the service desk and someone had turned it in. Thankfully. Unfortunately from the time I checked out to the time I got in my car was a solid 25 minutes, so my "short little trip to the store" turned into a two hour trip.

Maybe I'm just not cut out to leave the house alone after all... :)

32 weeks and counting...

So today I am officially 32 weeks pregnant! YAY! That means that I only have 8 more weeks to go (at most) and probably have less than that! This week has been very busy as I have been working on furniture, doing paperwork for the business Mitch and I are starting, going to the doctors and trying to stay on top of the house work. (that last one really hasn't been accomplished at all, but I was trying) :).

Yesterday I went to the doctor's and they did another sonogram. Brooke looks great, we were able to see each of her organs and they are all the right size and place! We also got to see her lungs moving, telling us that she's practicing her breathing and her heart looked as strong as ever. Also the technician told us that her spine looked perfect, which is great to hear! She is 3 lbs and 14 ounces, which means that she's gained 1 lb and 3 ounces in 3 weeks. She's technically a little low in the weight percentiles but still within the acceptable range so they're not concerned. (Less to push out right? lol)

Then I had my follow up with Paula. She said she was very happy with the baby's progress and growth and that I can start driving if I want to, but only short distances and only as long as I don't have any pain while behind the wheel. (Apparently there are some women who driving induces labor?!?!) Anyway, overall everything is good and we are hoping to have Brooke's room done in the next few days.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Boring Boring Bed Rest....

So this week has been busy then boring, which shouldn't surprise me because its busy when I have someone here with me and boring when I don't! lol. Monday and Tuesday my mom was here and besides accomplishing things here we also ran errands and finished the last of the exchanging/buying for Brooke. But Wednesday morning she left, and Jennifer Allen came and spent a few hours keeping me company. After which, I have had nothing going on for the past two days. Not that I was sitting here twittling my thumbs, but I did stay on my back way more than I had too! I did do things, but not all the way (for example, I got all the clothes washed and dried but then I just threw them on the bed in the spare bedroom, so they're not folded or put away! I put together the glider for Brooke's room, but left the box in the living room because I needed to lay back down. Anyway, today we change all that!

Mitch is outside right now mowing the yard, YAY! (He told me this morning that when I'm not pregnant anymore that its going to be my job to mow the yard and he's going to want me to do it every week (because I get mad that he only does it every other week) and I told him to get over himself because before I was pregnant I did do it every week! Silly Boy!) And my mom is on her way up here with the miter saw. She's going to pick me up and we're going to get the molding from home depot so we can put it up in Brooke's room today! YAY! I'll of course be mainly supervising, but still, YAY!! haha. After that Mitch is planning on going to the flee markets, so I'll probably go back to my mom's so we can stain the furniture, and maybe have most of it done by the end of the weekend! :) So at least I won't be bored!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Brooke's Shower from Work

Yesterday the people from Chili's had a baby shower for me. It was very nice. Steve even got me a cake! (He said he didn't know what to put on it so he had them put "Congratulations Jennifer" because "Happy Having a Baby Party" probably wouldn't have worked. :) Mrs. Carol came in on her day off to give me something, and Mrs Sanford came too! As well as some of the girls that I work with! Here are a few pictures!

Becca, Tiffany, Jenny and Me (I'm squatting because I was like 6 inches taller than all of them with my heals on!)

Me and Mrs Sanford

Mom and Me with all of the presents!

My pretty cake!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Brooke's Church Friends Shower

Saturday we had a wonderful shower for all of our friends from church to come and celebrate Brooke's upcoming arrival. My mom threw it for me and we were able to have about 17 people there. It was very nice. Mrs Sturgill (my high school Sunday School teacher) came as did Mrs Kay (our newlywed's teacher). We also had several of the girls from our Sunday School class, my friend Marie and Mitch's mom and sister. (Jennifer, my sister in law, was in town from Texas). Brookelynne received so many beautiful things and some very needed (if not glamorous) things as well! Here are some pictures!

This is me and my Mom

Jennifer, Christina, and Lindsey

Opening some presents

Mrs Sturgill, Me and Cassie

My awesome cake (we had some chocolate ice cream to go with it too!)

We had a great time and I am so grateful to everyone who came and for all of the generous gifts that we received! I can't wait for Brooke to get here and meet all of these lovely ladies!