Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jennifer 1 Furniture 0, GAME OVER

So yesterday I finally finished the last of the furniture and got it into the nursery! [This means that yesterday, I went to the hardware store, bought some press-board, used the neighbor's table saw to cut the shelves for the changing table (because they needed to be replaced), took the changing table apart, painted it, put it back together and got it into the room! And let me just note that I am super proud of myself for using the table saw successfully by myself, even though I had never used one before!] YAY!!! We have worked our butts off (mom, dad, josh, mitch and me) and since I've been on bedrest all I could think was that Brooke would come and it wouldn't be ready and we'd be spending our nights working on furniture and our days at the hospital! Thankfully that will not be necessary!

Hopefully the bedding will be complete by this weekend and my mom is working on the other accents (drapes, basket liners, diaper bag, hanging organizer), so ideally, I can have EVERYTHING done in a week or so. :) But just having everything in the room is a huge weight off my shoulders. If we're lucky I might get around to cleaning up the garage and putting all the tools away before the room is done! HA! I am not going to put up pictures of the whole room until I get the accent stuff in there, but here are a couple pics of the things that are already on the wall for those of you who are itching to see...

This is her name, centered above her crib! Note the bows are pretty equal and the letters are equally spaced! lol I know this because I worked very hard to space them 6 inches apart exactly! lol

The Custom Made Bow holder that Ms Renee made for Brooke is hanging next to the closet!


  1. I love the raspberry pink color! Very fun! I can't wait to see everything put together!!!!

  2. so cute!! i really want to come see it!! <3