Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pretty Pretty Pictures....

This is "Brooke-e" (as Rachel and Jeff call her) laying on her quilt that our sweet friend Rachel made for her! We got it in the mail this past week and it is just beautiful and matches perfectly! She wasn't in the mood to take pictures at this time but I managed to get at least one that wasn't horrible! lol Rachel, thank you soooo much! Its beautiful!

Yesterday Brooke had her first official photos taken! lol. Her own little photo shoot! I had a girl I know from church come up and take them and she did a great job. :) Brooke did a great job too! lol She was very happy while Sarah and Paul were here, right until the end when she decided she was getting tired of having her clothes changed and being moved around! I should have the pics in the next week or so and I can't wait!!!

This is her in her dedication gown getting ready for Sarah to start!

And since Brooke is officially 3 weeks old it means that its time for some more pics of us around the house....

This is Brooke with her sunglasses on!

Sweet girl wrapped up in her towel after her bath!

My girl got caught sucking her thumb!

And just to be honest, her daddy made sure to take a picture of her when she's good and mad. This was it!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Busy Week....

This has been a very busy week, full of appointments, errands and events! lol

Monday I had a very sweet friend (Mrs Marie Wilson!) who came over and cleaned my whole house! She worked her little behind off (which is actually very literal since she's as skinny as a rail!) I am so grateful for her because I definitely would have never accomplished that alone! She is such a blessing to us!

Tuesday we had several errands to run, so we started out of the house around 1. We hit up Sams Club to get just 3 things, but alas we left with many more things! I usually do that, but this time it was all Mitch who caused it! I got my three things and was like "Okay, we can go" but Mitch started walking down each isle saying "Don't we need this?" and "We should get this". I just rolled my eyes....

We then were headed to my mom's, because Mitch needed to use Ms Carmen's fax machine. On our way we stopped at the Walgreens to get our flu shots. That was a pretty painless experience which makes me happy! :) We got back on the road, but soon stopped as we saw a clearance sale at some Bargain Warehouse place. Ended up with more stuff to sell at the flea market, so I guess thats good. By the time we made it to my mom's, she had dinner pretty much ready for us! :) We ate dinner and headed home, nice and tired! haha

Wednesday we had much overdue dentist appointments. Neither Mitch nor I have been to the dentist in over 5 years. We got our teeth xrayed and cleaned and it turns out that we each have one cavity! (Which is good since Mitch has had his since he was at the dentist last time and just never got it taken care of, and since I have horrible teeth and really expected to have more!) Mitch took me to my mom's so that I could get some things done while he ran a few more errands. Josh came over because his car was being worked on up on Normandy. He held Brooke for a few minutes but soon went outside because he didn't like how red she got when she cried! haha. Mom came home after work and took Josh back to the car shop and took me and Brooke back to church for dinner and the Wednesday night service. Church was good, and Brooke slept right through it but that made for a long day and a very tired set of parents!

This morning I got up extra early to go back to the dentist. I had to get my cavity filled... :) lol Most people hate the dentist, and especially hate getting drilled on, etc, but I have had so many dental procedures done that a little filling is nothing! lol When I got home, Mitch took my car to get the radiator flushed and the oil changed. Tonight we're supposed to do a little shopping...hope we have the energy!

Monday, October 26, 2009

2 Week Doctors Appointment

Friday we had Brooke's 2 week appointment at Carithers. We saw Dr Kim Del Porto, who I know from doing Apples of Gold at church, which is nice. We arrived early, but they went ahead and put us in a room. The nurse came in and weighed and measured her, and Brooke rewarded the nurse's effort by pooping on the scale. lol. She weighed 8 lbs and 5 oz and has grown a full inch, making her 21.5 inches long! Her head's circumference was 34 cm.

We got to put her diaper back on but had to leave her without clothes until Kim came in, so Daddy kept her wrapped up tight in her blanket so she wouldn't get cold!

He also entertained her by giving her Eskimo kisses!

When Kim came in she checked Brooke's eyes, ears, coloring and lungs and said that everything looked great! :) Yay! She also checked Brooke's hips and said that she could still feel a it popping a little bit, so we're going to have to get an ultrasound done on her hips. That's going to be done next Monday at 1:30, and it will take a few days to get the results, but we should know if she needs treatment for hip displacement by the end of next week. If she does, they'll just give us a brace to put on over her diapers and she'll wear that for about a month and it would be fixed!

Other than that everything's great! We will have to go back at 2 months and she'll get her first round of shots! I'm going to make sure to make that appointment well in advance so that Brooke's Daddy can get off early and hold her during those shots! (While Mommy and Brooke cry) lol.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Two weeks already...

So today my baby girl is two weeks old. It seems like just yesterday that we came home from the hospital, but so much has happened since then! She has worn several of her adorable little outfits, she's had her first doctor's appointment and her first visit to church, her first visit to Grandma's house and her first time away from mommy and daddy. She's bigger, louder, awake more, and developing her own little personality right before our eyes. She getting used to the dogs and they're getting used to her. All in all, its flown by and I have to stop myself to make myself remember the things that we've done!

Since my last post, which was last Tuesday, we've accomplished a lot. :) We had lunch and ran errands last Thursday, which ended up being quite a day! We met Papa (my dad) for lunch at the Bono's on Dunn Ave, because he was leaving to go hunting and wanted to see Brooke. We then went over to Sam's, because Papa wanted to get a box of diapers for Brooke (we're using disposable diapers until we get Brooke's hip checked one more time because they think there might be a problem with it being loose, so we don't want to separate her legs any more than necessary and the cloth diapers are a little too wide for her narrow hips.) But when we got to Sam's, Papa headed over to the clothes instead and helped pick out 2 warm outfits since it was getting so cold all of a sudden.

We left Dad when we left Sam's and headed to University to accomplish our next goal, which was collecting a copy of Brooke's birth certificate. I sat in the vital statistics office for 25 minutes while Daddy fed Brooke in the car. After dealing with rather slow people, we got her birth certificates and headed to Target. This was the second Target that we went to that was sold out of the breast pump accessories kit that we were looking for. This made me very frustrated. lol

When we left there we headed across town to Grandma's house (my mom). We got there shortly before my mom got home from work, and told Mrs Carmen to come over to see her. She did of course, and held her for about 15 minutes before Grandma came in. Then Mitch and I visited with the two of them for half an hour or so before heading home. We picked up a crib for us to use in our bedroom, which has yet to be used but that's another story.

Friday Daddy had to go to Brunswick for a few hours to do his annual community service project. That meant it was the first time that I was left home with Brooke and the dogs by myself. I did very well, considering I still couldn't stand up straight, lol. It scared me a little, because Mitch had been handling the dogs all week, and I didn't know if I'd be able to handle them if they got excited. Thankfully they didn't and all was fine!

Friday night Tiffany and Jason brought us dinner and we all sat down and ate together. Then Mitch and I went to see a movie. He said that we needed to make sure that we continued doing some things just the two of us and that we should take advantage of it being a Friday night. So my mom met us at the theater and took Brooke to her house while Mitch and I saw "Law Abiding Citizen". And I can honestly say that I now understand the compelling need to check in on your child even though you know they're in capable hands! lol I kept the phone in my lap the whole time wondering if Mom had managed to get the car seat out okay and if she remembered to feed her. Even though it was barely two hours between the time my mom pulled away and the time I got to my mom's to pick her up. lol I know I'm a dork.

Saturday I spent the day at my mom's house like I do most every Saturday and we just took it easy and watched some football while holding Brooke and chit chatting. And then Saturday night, Mitch and I just stayed home and tried to get some rest.

Sunday Morning Brooke made her first appearance at Sunday School. Making a point of visiting Grandma's class first so that she would miss the crowds on our floor. She looked so cute in her little white dress with lavender accessories! After Sunday School we walked over to the auditorium so that Mr Don, Ms Diane and Allison could see her and then we came home. I was exhausted! lol I slept as soon as we got home, because Mitch had to go to bed by four so that he could get up for work by midnight. This week he's been doing Melissa's PDS job while she's on vacation, so its been interesting hours.

I'll post about this week later, Brooke is waking up and needing Mommy!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Brooke's First Doctors Appointment

Today we had Brooke's first doctors appointment. We spent the morning lazily around the house and then got ready to go! She had to be there at 1:15, but alas we didn't make it on time. lol So it begins (the lateness I mean). I filled out all the paperwork while Mitch just held and talked to Brooke. He really is just enamored with her! I really liked the doctor's office, it was clean and organized and they really seem to have their act together. We are using the Carither's Group, which has 8 or 9 doctors. At the hospital Brooke and I saw Dr Connolly, Dr Baker and Dr Dal Porto. (one each morning). Today's appointment was with Dr Sapolsky. She was very nice and really helpful. Brooke weighed 7lbs 10oz, so they were very happy with that, since she's only 5 days old and already above her birth weight. They checked her hips for me, because Dr Dal Porto had said she had felt some clicking in one of them at the hospital. They don't think its anything serious, and that she'll just 'grow into the joint' in the next week or so, but if it still clicks next week then they'll do an ultrasound to look at it.

We headed home then, but stopped at Target to get my prescription. Since my work is right in front of the Target, I told Mitch to drive through the parking lot because I was going to take her inside to meet my boss if he was working. So we did and Anthony's car was there, so we went inside. Everyone was ooing and awwing over her. Anthony said he'd buy us lunch and I was like "oh, we're not hungry" and Mitch gave me a "look". So I asked him if he was hungry and he said yes, so we ate! lol She slept the whole time we were in the restaurant, and it was easy to keep random ppl away from her because it was 3:30, which is the slowest time of the day so the place was almost deserted. Mitch got the salmon and said it was the best he'd ever had, which is good. When we got home it had been just over 5 hours since we left and Brooke was ready to eat again. She's really good though because she rarely needs to eat more often than that. Now that she's on breastmilk completely (and not a mix of breastmilk and formula) they say she'll need to eat more often, but she sleeps so well that I hate to wake her. If she's eating more often I'll probably just give her a little extra in each bottle, but I haven't decided yet.

Mom came over after work today to see Brooke. I got some laundry done while she was holding and taking care of her, but not as much as I'd like to have accomplished because I'm still in a lot of pain. Christina Wombles brought us food tonight and of course had Kalea with her (her 6 month old daughter). Kalea went to Mitch for a little while so that Christina could hold Brooke. We couldn't believe how big Kalea looked compared to Brooke. We've seen her every week for 5 months, but hadn't noticed how much bigger she had gotten! It was a nice evening. Hopefully Brooke will be a good sleeper tonight too...

First Days at Home...

Daddy ushering Brooke in to the house for the very first time...

We arrived home around 1:30 on Sunday afternoon and started trying to adjust! From unpacking all the bags to introducing her to the dogs, there was plenty to do. My mom and dad got here around 2 or 2:15 with a roast and the fixins to go with it so that we'd have plenty of food! Mom finished the last touches while Dad ran to the store to get me some motrin. Then we ate lunch, which was delicious!

Dad holding Brooke on the couch.

Josh and Amy got here a little bit later and we spent the afternoon passing Brooke back and forth while Mitch held the dogs and I tried to keep up with all the pumping. lol (for those of you who don't know, I'm not actually breastfeeding, but am pumping so that she gets the benefits even though I'm not comfortable with the whole her-latching-on-to-my-breast-thing). Josh kept taking her from Amy. lol, but it was really cute because one of them would stand up each time they passed her back and forth because they didn't know how to pass her while sitting next to eachother without feeling like they were going to break her. :) It was very sweet to watch. Amy then left me some of the clothes that she was getting rid of so that I could go through them...needless to say, that hasn't gotten done. :)

Amy and Josh holding Brooke

When they all left, we started settling in to being a family of 5. (Mitch, Me, Brooke, Toby and Tama) :) And believe me, as long as we're all in this house we're all part of the family, lol, and Toby and Tama won't let me forget it! Speaking of them, they did great with Brooke, Tama is still a little to clumsy (in general) to be too close to Brooke when we're not holding her, but Tama usually doesn't bother her.

Sunday night was interesting, because it was the first time that she really cried. Mitch had gone to bed because he was supposed to do something the next day, and I had fed her which usually puts her to sleep, and planned on going to lay down. She started screaming and wouldn't stop. I got up and sat down, I bounced her and swung her, I changed her and gave her more food, I sang to her and talked and nothing worked. Worst of all, my back was hurting so bad from walking around with her that I started crying out of just pain. Then I was crying because I was like "its only the first night and I'm in so much pain I can't take care of her, what if this doesn't go away before Mitch goes back to work next week?" After an hour or so, I was going to get Mitch up, when she just stopped. Just stopped, like nothing had been wrong to begin with. I cried even more. lol. Mitch came out and told me to go to bed. (I had been up since 5 that morning and it was 1 am.) He came out here to the couch and they both fell asleep snuggled up together.

Monday we planned on staying home all day but when I started getting dressed (something I'm going to attempt to do every day regardless of if I have somewhere to got) I noticed that my incision had leaked more than I was told it would, so we called the doctors office and they said they wanted to see me. So we started preparing for our first trip out of the house. :) I packed the diaper bag, we all got dressed, and made it out the door with barely enough time to get there for my appointment! :) Mike told me not to worry about the incision that it looked good, but gave me some antibiotics just to be safe. He also explained that the excruciating pain that shoots through my hip sometimes is caused by my inner stitches being wrapped around a nerve, and that until the stitches start to dissolve, I'm stuck with it. (this happens in 10 to 20 percent of c sections.)
Sandy Newman brought us dinner that evening and it was wonderful! She sat and visited with us for a while and enjoyed getting to hold Brooke!

That night went well, with Brooke staying awake from 5 to 9 pm, and then going right to sleep after taking her bottle around 9:30. We agreed that she needed to start sleeping in her crib so that the dogs would be used to hearing the baby monitor go off in the room and seeing me leave the room without getting excited or waking up Mitch. So we went to put her in her crib and then Mitch went into the living room to get his extra pillows from the night before. He asked me where a blanket was and I said "why?". He gave me one of his 'guilty but you love me smiles' and said "well I'm just going to sleep in Brooke's room tonight, just to be safe" I laughed so hard, because he was so sincere! And he did, he slept on the floor until I got up and came to wake her for her bottle. Then he went back to our bed. I spent the rest of the night holding her in the living room once she ate.

Hospital Stay

Our Little Family...Day 2

After having Brooke Thursday night, She and I stayed at St Vincents through Sunday morning. It was quite an experience since I have never personally been hospitalized or had any surgery. Mitch spent the night with me Thursday night and my mom relieved him around 9 so that he could go home, walk the dogs and get some actual sleep, lol.

Brooke at 15 hours old

Friday morning they came and took me off the IVs and took out my catheter from the surgery so that I could get out of bed. They were surprised at how well I was able to get around so soon and I was surprised at the pain I felt and when I felt it. (for example, just moving slightly in the bed caused more pain than walking.) Friday went by pretty quickly and my mom headed home around 2 or 3, with some laundry to do for Brooke and some requests for a few things for me. Mitch brought his dad with him when he came back around 2, since Wayne had just driven in (he's a truck driver). He spent a few hours with us, holding Brooke and catching up. Kris and Marie came around 4 or 5, with some beautiful carnations and Mitch's boss Todd brought us flowers around that time as well. It was a very thoughtful gesture I thought, but Mitch said it was just so that Todd could leave early on a Friday! lol.

Uncle Kris and Aunt Marie with Brooke
It was probably a combination of the two. Even Josh dropped by in there somewhere, but it was quite a full room, so he only stayed for a few minutes. We were alone again by 6 or so. We really enjoyed just holding her and playing with her. Mr and Mrs Bishop came around 7 and Mrs Bishop held Brooke for most of the hour and a half that they were there! :) Sasha and Justin came in around 7:30 or 7:45 and we had a good time talking and laughing. Mitch got us pizza for dinner, from Als which was very good. Mitch headed home around 10 or so to walk to dogs and get some sleep.

Uncle Josh jumping into the picture of Aunt Sasha and Brooke :)

That night I kept Brooke in the room mostly, but did send her to the nursery between feedings at 2 so that I could sleep. I made sure they brought her back by 5 though so that I could feed her again before she saw her pediatrician. (every morning they take all the babies to the nursery between 6 and 9 for the doctors to check them and so they can bath them.) Mitch came back at 6:30 and kept going down to the nursery to see her before he left for the flea market at 8:30. Mom came around 9 and spent the morning oooing and awwing over her granddaughter. :) Susan brought me Chic fil a for lunch and we had started watching the Georgia/Tennessee game. Mom headed home as soon as Mitch came in around 2. I think she was worried about taking time away from Mitch and I but I don't know what I would have done without having her there! :) Mitch and I realized at 4 that we hadn't gotten anyone to walk the dogs and he had been gone since 5 so he had to run home to walk them. He tried to hurry back but just missed seeing Wendy and Travis. They came around 5:15, bearing gifts. lol. They had brought us dinner from Five Guys.

In one of my baby outfits with a sleeping hat!

My dad came in as Travis and Wendy were leaving and Mitch came in a few minutes later. Mitch dug into the bags of food and asked I if I had ordered a cheeseburger too. I just said yes. I didn't realize until several minutes later that he was eating the small cheeseburger, ketchup only (which was mine) instead of the large cheeseburger, all the way that he had ordered. I literally screamed when I noticed it! lol He was almost done with it, and was like "I was wondering why there were no vegetables on my burger," as I handed him the obviously bigger burger. I only got 2 bites of mine. Thankfully they had gotten us plenty of fries so I didn't go hungry! Dad left shortly after that, and headed to my mom's. They came back around 8 so they could watch the UF/LSU game with us. They left about 10 and Mitch stayed until 11 or so but headed home after that.

Grandma, Uncle Josh and Brooke

That night I kept Brooke with me the whole night (partially because I really didn't like the nursery nurse that was on duty, she was rude and overbearing and I really wanted to hit her!) So after I fed her and she fell asleep I arranged the pillows and wedged her between me and another pillow. It was so sweet to sleep with her. I definitely understand why people can't give it up.

Sunday morning I was waiting and waiting for my doctor to see us, so that we could get discharged but the doctor on call didn't come in until almost 11. Once he gave the orders though, we were rolling. They came in and did Brooke's discharge paperwork with us. Then the nurses came in and took my staples out, which hurt a little bit here and there but not badly. I started getting dressed and then they came and gave me a shot. By 1 we were on the road. It was so sweet because we brought her home in the same dress I came home from the hospital in, with the blanket that my grandmother crocheted for me to come home from the hospital in. She was so precious and sweet!

When we were loading up the car, I asked the nurse to take a picture of the three of us, and Brooke had begun moving her hands around and rested them in her lap with her fingers intertwined together! It was so cute! We got home around 1:30 and have been adjusting ever since!

Friday, October 9, 2009

C- Section and seeing Brooke....

Well we spent the day at the hospital yesterday and it was definitely a long day. After they broke my water, the contractions started getting pretty close and while they weren't horrible, they were starting to each peak at a point that was! So around 3 they came in and gave me my epidural. About 15 minutes after I got it, I was talking to Amy and the anesthesiologist said "You just had a contraction, how did that feel?" and I replied "I did? Stinking awesome is how it felt, cause I didn't feel it! You get an A+!" lol.

The next time they checked me, around 4, I was between 4 and 5 cm. Mike, my doctor, had wanted to do a c section earlier in the day when things weren't progressing as quickly as he thought they should, but the nurses had insisted we give it more time, so we did. But at 6:30 when they came back and checked me and I was still at 4 to 5 cm after 4 or 5 hours, he said "we're gonna go ahead and do a c section, there has to be some reason she's not engaging in your pelvis correctly and why your uterus is starting to thicken. We'll get you in there in 10 to 30 minutes."

Mitch and I getting ready to go into the OR

Me updating Facebook before the c section so that I would be true to my word! lol


I spent the next 10 minutes telling everyone who came from the waiting room, goodbye and a group of us prayed together about the surgery and for mine and Brooke's health through it. Then everyone had to leave except Mitch and they started prepping me which included giving me more of an epidural and making sure that it was working higher up on my body. As soon as they gave me the first medicine, I started getting really nauseous and hot. Mitch fanned me all the way to the OR so that I wouldn't get sick. Unfortunately, since I hadn't slept in 36 hours or so, when they laid me flat and I had to close my eyes so that I wouldn't get sick, I started falling asleep. :) I slept on the way to the OR and was only half awake for most of the procedure.

When they were about to pull her out, they said "We'll have a baby here in less than a minute" and I think I held my breath until I heard her crying, which she came out doing. It ended up being a great thing that we did the C-Section (and probably the reason that she wouldn't engage the pelvis) because the cord was wrapped around her neck. (Something I knew immediately since it was the first thing said after I heard her). They stepped to the top of my bed and showed her (all bloody and dirty) to Mitch and I and then Mitch was able to watch as they cleaned her off. When Mitch brought her back over to me, he looked so great holding her! :) I was being stitched up, so they took her to the waiting room to see everyone and then to the nursery to finish her tests!

Mitch and Brooke in the Nursery getting cleaned up!

Mitch and Brooke inside the nursery, Mom and Uncle Josh outside looking in!

When they brought her in to see me, I was still struggling with falling asleep, but wanted to see her, so I made myself stay awake!

Our first family photo

When Mitch gave her to me, I saw that she was precious and beautiful and was so blessed that she is so healthy. That's something we've prayed for since we found out we were pregnant.

We spent some time taking pictures and passing her around.

Aunt Tricia and Uncle Josh with baby Brooke!

Nae Nae holding her!

Amy and Grandma holding her!

Dad and Uncle Josh 'oooing' and 'awwing' over her!

Great Grandma Gwen

It was amazing to see Mitch, Josh and my Mom hold her. I don't think my mom ever intended to give to anyone else when she had her! As most of you know there are some pictures on Facebook that Aunt Sasha took of her and I'm tagged in them, so any of my friends can view them.

Its 6:30 am and the doctors are coming in to check me, so I'll tell you about our first night later!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mid Day....

Well so far we've had a pretty good day. I've been having contractions since around 10:30 and they've gotten to about a minute apart. They just came in and broke my water, which should move this along. I'm only 3 cm, and the cervix was still a little posterior but not as much, which means this could happen quickly, but he said he wouldn't be surprised if it was 7 before we had a baby! I definitely don't want to be "labor-ing" that long, so here's praying she comes faster! haha. Mom, Jeanna, Mitch and Mrs Carmen are here right now, and Dad was here earlier. We've been laughing a lot and having a good time. Hopefully the contractions will get closer and more intense so I can get my epidural and push her out before dinner time! (Lord knows I'm ready to eat! :) )

At the hospital...

So we have arrived at the hospital and gotten admitted! Yay! I've seen the doctor and both of the moms are here! They've started the IV and we're waiting for the pain to start! lol.

She's still "floating" (meaning that I haven't dropped yet) but they are hoping that she'll drop quickly and then they'll be able to break my water in about an hour. Mike (my doctor) is roaring and ready to get this show on the road, so it shouldn't be too long of a day! Yay!

Mitch is excited and we're having a good time talking and laughing about family stories and random thoughts! Keep up with facebook, cause we'll have updates often. If mine's not being updated, you can check my mom-in-law's (Jeanna Edge).

Brooke will be here soon!

So far today....

Well today is my due date and the date of my scheduled induction! Yay, right? Yeah. :)

I was on top of things yesterday and made sure things got cleaned at the house, like vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen really well, washing and changing the sheets, and otherwise tidying up! That way everything would be clean when we get home with Brooke!

I then had dinner with Mitch and hit the sack at 8. I was hoping that that would allow me to get at least 6 or 7 hours of sleep before I had to get up this morning at 4:30 to get ready to leave. How many of you guys think I got even 5 hours of sleep last night? Yeah, exactly, I didn't. I literally laid there with my eyes closed trying to sleep all night and don't think I ever accomplished it. I might have slept for and hour or so at one point, but I doubt it. I guess I really should have taken a Tylenol pm. lol. So much for that!

I have to call the hospital at 5 to make sure they can take us and then we'll be on our way! So here's praying that no one went into labor during the night! :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Due Date Delivery...

So my doctor's appointment went well this morning and the baby sounded great. They expect her to be about 7 to 7.5 lbs, and my doctor kept squeezing my stomach going "Wow, she's gonna be a pretty small baby" and I kept thinking "not small enought that it won't hurt!" lol.

Unfortuately, she's still isn't dropped. He said that its not a huge deal to induce me while she's still "floating" since she's small enough to fit through my pelvis, but they want to give her a few more days to drop or come on her own. So they are going to try and schedule me to induce on Thursday. (By try, I mean they have to check with the hospital and make sure that they have a room for me and aren't booked up already, so we'll get finalized details later today).

So as for right now, I'm just going to try to once again be productive and wait her out!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Working hard...looking for projects....

Well since Tuesday's disappointing doctors appointment, mom and I headed to Joann's fabric to get a fabric for the baby quilt she was making for Emma. While there, I told her we should go ahead and buy the fabric for Josh's gator quilt he's been asking for. We spent an hour picking out fabrics and getting ideas for the design. When we got back to my mom's I went ahead and started cutting out all the pieces while Mom worked on Brooke's diaper bag.

While I had helped with the cutting and laying out of some of the patterns, I have never sewn before. (I've tried but was HORRIBLE). But on Thursday when we started piecing them both, Mom had to go get on the computer for something and I sat down and tried sewing pieces together. I wasn't intending on doing much, but was better than I expected to be and was enjoying it (which isn't a big deal since I enjoy pretty much anything I'm good at, and don't enjoy anything I'm not good at!) So long story short, I ended up piecing Josh's whole quilt myself, and then I basted the batting and backing all day Friday, and today I machine quilted it and Emma's quilt! I'm so proud of myself!

I'm home now and Mom is going to do the binding on Josh's and probably Emma's tonight, so we will have accomplished 2 of them in 3 days worth of work! I will put pictures up when I we are finished, but needless to say, I'm SOOOO PROUD OF MYSELF! :) hehe. If she doesn't come tomorrow, there's a good chance that I'll start another one on Monday after my doctor's appointment. :)

On another note, my Aunt Betty drove over to see us today and spent several hours just chit-chatting with us! She so sweet! Loved spending time with her! Hopefully she'll have reason to come back in a day or two!