Thursday, October 22, 2009

Two weeks already...

So today my baby girl is two weeks old. It seems like just yesterday that we came home from the hospital, but so much has happened since then! She has worn several of her adorable little outfits, she's had her first doctor's appointment and her first visit to church, her first visit to Grandma's house and her first time away from mommy and daddy. She's bigger, louder, awake more, and developing her own little personality right before our eyes. She getting used to the dogs and they're getting used to her. All in all, its flown by and I have to stop myself to make myself remember the things that we've done!

Since my last post, which was last Tuesday, we've accomplished a lot. :) We had lunch and ran errands last Thursday, which ended up being quite a day! We met Papa (my dad) for lunch at the Bono's on Dunn Ave, because he was leaving to go hunting and wanted to see Brooke. We then went over to Sam's, because Papa wanted to get a box of diapers for Brooke (we're using disposable diapers until we get Brooke's hip checked one more time because they think there might be a problem with it being loose, so we don't want to separate her legs any more than necessary and the cloth diapers are a little too wide for her narrow hips.) But when we got to Sam's, Papa headed over to the clothes instead and helped pick out 2 warm outfits since it was getting so cold all of a sudden.

We left Dad when we left Sam's and headed to University to accomplish our next goal, which was collecting a copy of Brooke's birth certificate. I sat in the vital statistics office for 25 minutes while Daddy fed Brooke in the car. After dealing with rather slow people, we got her birth certificates and headed to Target. This was the second Target that we went to that was sold out of the breast pump accessories kit that we were looking for. This made me very frustrated. lol

When we left there we headed across town to Grandma's house (my mom). We got there shortly before my mom got home from work, and told Mrs Carmen to come over to see her. She did of course, and held her for about 15 minutes before Grandma came in. Then Mitch and I visited with the two of them for half an hour or so before heading home. We picked up a crib for us to use in our bedroom, which has yet to be used but that's another story.

Friday Daddy had to go to Brunswick for a few hours to do his annual community service project. That meant it was the first time that I was left home with Brooke and the dogs by myself. I did very well, considering I still couldn't stand up straight, lol. It scared me a little, because Mitch had been handling the dogs all week, and I didn't know if I'd be able to handle them if they got excited. Thankfully they didn't and all was fine!

Friday night Tiffany and Jason brought us dinner and we all sat down and ate together. Then Mitch and I went to see a movie. He said that we needed to make sure that we continued doing some things just the two of us and that we should take advantage of it being a Friday night. So my mom met us at the theater and took Brooke to her house while Mitch and I saw "Law Abiding Citizen". And I can honestly say that I now understand the compelling need to check in on your child even though you know they're in capable hands! lol I kept the phone in my lap the whole time wondering if Mom had managed to get the car seat out okay and if she remembered to feed her. Even though it was barely two hours between the time my mom pulled away and the time I got to my mom's to pick her up. lol I know I'm a dork.

Saturday I spent the day at my mom's house like I do most every Saturday and we just took it easy and watched some football while holding Brooke and chit chatting. And then Saturday night, Mitch and I just stayed home and tried to get some rest.

Sunday Morning Brooke made her first appearance at Sunday School. Making a point of visiting Grandma's class first so that she would miss the crowds on our floor. She looked so cute in her little white dress with lavender accessories! After Sunday School we walked over to the auditorium so that Mr Don, Ms Diane and Allison could see her and then we came home. I was exhausted! lol I slept as soon as we got home, because Mitch had to go to bed by four so that he could get up for work by midnight. This week he's been doing Melissa's PDS job while she's on vacation, so its been interesting hours.

I'll post about this week later, Brooke is waking up and needing Mommy!

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