Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First Days at Home...

Daddy ushering Brooke in to the house for the very first time...

We arrived home around 1:30 on Sunday afternoon and started trying to adjust! From unpacking all the bags to introducing her to the dogs, there was plenty to do. My mom and dad got here around 2 or 2:15 with a roast and the fixins to go with it so that we'd have plenty of food! Mom finished the last touches while Dad ran to the store to get me some motrin. Then we ate lunch, which was delicious!

Dad holding Brooke on the couch.

Josh and Amy got here a little bit later and we spent the afternoon passing Brooke back and forth while Mitch held the dogs and I tried to keep up with all the pumping. lol (for those of you who don't know, I'm not actually breastfeeding, but am pumping so that she gets the benefits even though I'm not comfortable with the whole her-latching-on-to-my-breast-thing). Josh kept taking her from Amy. lol, but it was really cute because one of them would stand up each time they passed her back and forth because they didn't know how to pass her while sitting next to eachother without feeling like they were going to break her. :) It was very sweet to watch. Amy then left me some of the clothes that she was getting rid of so that I could go through them...needless to say, that hasn't gotten done. :)

Amy and Josh holding Brooke

When they all left, we started settling in to being a family of 5. (Mitch, Me, Brooke, Toby and Tama) :) And believe me, as long as we're all in this house we're all part of the family, lol, and Toby and Tama won't let me forget it! Speaking of them, they did great with Brooke, Tama is still a little to clumsy (in general) to be too close to Brooke when we're not holding her, but Tama usually doesn't bother her.

Sunday night was interesting, because it was the first time that she really cried. Mitch had gone to bed because he was supposed to do something the next day, and I had fed her which usually puts her to sleep, and planned on going to lay down. She started screaming and wouldn't stop. I got up and sat down, I bounced her and swung her, I changed her and gave her more food, I sang to her and talked and nothing worked. Worst of all, my back was hurting so bad from walking around with her that I started crying out of just pain. Then I was crying because I was like "its only the first night and I'm in so much pain I can't take care of her, what if this doesn't go away before Mitch goes back to work next week?" After an hour or so, I was going to get Mitch up, when she just stopped. Just stopped, like nothing had been wrong to begin with. I cried even more. lol. Mitch came out and told me to go to bed. (I had been up since 5 that morning and it was 1 am.) He came out here to the couch and they both fell asleep snuggled up together.

Monday we planned on staying home all day but when I started getting dressed (something I'm going to attempt to do every day regardless of if I have somewhere to got) I noticed that my incision had leaked more than I was told it would, so we called the doctors office and they said they wanted to see me. So we started preparing for our first trip out of the house. :) I packed the diaper bag, we all got dressed, and made it out the door with barely enough time to get there for my appointment! :) Mike told me not to worry about the incision that it looked good, but gave me some antibiotics just to be safe. He also explained that the excruciating pain that shoots through my hip sometimes is caused by my inner stitches being wrapped around a nerve, and that until the stitches start to dissolve, I'm stuck with it. (this happens in 10 to 20 percent of c sections.)
Sandy Newman brought us dinner that evening and it was wonderful! She sat and visited with us for a while and enjoyed getting to hold Brooke!

That night went well, with Brooke staying awake from 5 to 9 pm, and then going right to sleep after taking her bottle around 9:30. We agreed that she needed to start sleeping in her crib so that the dogs would be used to hearing the baby monitor go off in the room and seeing me leave the room without getting excited or waking up Mitch. So we went to put her in her crib and then Mitch went into the living room to get his extra pillows from the night before. He asked me where a blanket was and I said "why?". He gave me one of his 'guilty but you love me smiles' and said "well I'm just going to sleep in Brooke's room tonight, just to be safe" I laughed so hard, because he was so sincere! And he did, he slept on the floor until I got up and came to wake her for her bottle. Then he went back to our bed. I spent the rest of the night holding her in the living room once she ate.

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