Friday, October 9, 2009

C- Section and seeing Brooke....

Well we spent the day at the hospital yesterday and it was definitely a long day. After they broke my water, the contractions started getting pretty close and while they weren't horrible, they were starting to each peak at a point that was! So around 3 they came in and gave me my epidural. About 15 minutes after I got it, I was talking to Amy and the anesthesiologist said "You just had a contraction, how did that feel?" and I replied "I did? Stinking awesome is how it felt, cause I didn't feel it! You get an A+!" lol.

The next time they checked me, around 4, I was between 4 and 5 cm. Mike, my doctor, had wanted to do a c section earlier in the day when things weren't progressing as quickly as he thought they should, but the nurses had insisted we give it more time, so we did. But at 6:30 when they came back and checked me and I was still at 4 to 5 cm after 4 or 5 hours, he said "we're gonna go ahead and do a c section, there has to be some reason she's not engaging in your pelvis correctly and why your uterus is starting to thicken. We'll get you in there in 10 to 30 minutes."

Mitch and I getting ready to go into the OR

Me updating Facebook before the c section so that I would be true to my word! lol


I spent the next 10 minutes telling everyone who came from the waiting room, goodbye and a group of us prayed together about the surgery and for mine and Brooke's health through it. Then everyone had to leave except Mitch and they started prepping me which included giving me more of an epidural and making sure that it was working higher up on my body. As soon as they gave me the first medicine, I started getting really nauseous and hot. Mitch fanned me all the way to the OR so that I wouldn't get sick. Unfortunately, since I hadn't slept in 36 hours or so, when they laid me flat and I had to close my eyes so that I wouldn't get sick, I started falling asleep. :) I slept on the way to the OR and was only half awake for most of the procedure.

When they were about to pull her out, they said "We'll have a baby here in less than a minute" and I think I held my breath until I heard her crying, which she came out doing. It ended up being a great thing that we did the C-Section (and probably the reason that she wouldn't engage the pelvis) because the cord was wrapped around her neck. (Something I knew immediately since it was the first thing said after I heard her). They stepped to the top of my bed and showed her (all bloody and dirty) to Mitch and I and then Mitch was able to watch as they cleaned her off. When Mitch brought her back over to me, he looked so great holding her! :) I was being stitched up, so they took her to the waiting room to see everyone and then to the nursery to finish her tests!

Mitch and Brooke in the Nursery getting cleaned up!

Mitch and Brooke inside the nursery, Mom and Uncle Josh outside looking in!

When they brought her in to see me, I was still struggling with falling asleep, but wanted to see her, so I made myself stay awake!

Our first family photo

When Mitch gave her to me, I saw that she was precious and beautiful and was so blessed that she is so healthy. That's something we've prayed for since we found out we were pregnant.

We spent some time taking pictures and passing her around.

Aunt Tricia and Uncle Josh with baby Brooke!

Nae Nae holding her!

Amy and Grandma holding her!

Dad and Uncle Josh 'oooing' and 'awwing' over her!

Great Grandma Gwen

It was amazing to see Mitch, Josh and my Mom hold her. I don't think my mom ever intended to give to anyone else when she had her! As most of you know there are some pictures on Facebook that Aunt Sasha took of her and I'm tagged in them, so any of my friends can view them.

Its 6:30 am and the doctors are coming in to check me, so I'll tell you about our first night later!


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  2. Glad everything turned out ok. Our birth stories for Alex and Brooke are almost the same. That's neat. Praying that your recovery goes well, and that you and Brooke stay healthy!! =D