Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mid Day....

Well so far we've had a pretty good day. I've been having contractions since around 10:30 and they've gotten to about a minute apart. They just came in and broke my water, which should move this along. I'm only 3 cm, and the cervix was still a little posterior but not as much, which means this could happen quickly, but he said he wouldn't be surprised if it was 7 before we had a baby! I definitely don't want to be "labor-ing" that long, so here's praying she comes faster! haha. Mom, Jeanna, Mitch and Mrs Carmen are here right now, and Dad was here earlier. We've been laughing a lot and having a good time. Hopefully the contractions will get closer and more intense so I can get my epidural and push her out before dinner time! (Lord knows I'm ready to eat! :) )

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