Thursday, October 29, 2009

Busy Week....

This has been a very busy week, full of appointments, errands and events! lol

Monday I had a very sweet friend (Mrs Marie Wilson!) who came over and cleaned my whole house! She worked her little behind off (which is actually very literal since she's as skinny as a rail!) I am so grateful for her because I definitely would have never accomplished that alone! She is such a blessing to us!

Tuesday we had several errands to run, so we started out of the house around 1. We hit up Sams Club to get just 3 things, but alas we left with many more things! I usually do that, but this time it was all Mitch who caused it! I got my three things and was like "Okay, we can go" but Mitch started walking down each isle saying "Don't we need this?" and "We should get this". I just rolled my eyes....

We then were headed to my mom's, because Mitch needed to use Ms Carmen's fax machine. On our way we stopped at the Walgreens to get our flu shots. That was a pretty painless experience which makes me happy! :) We got back on the road, but soon stopped as we saw a clearance sale at some Bargain Warehouse place. Ended up with more stuff to sell at the flea market, so I guess thats good. By the time we made it to my mom's, she had dinner pretty much ready for us! :) We ate dinner and headed home, nice and tired! haha

Wednesday we had much overdue dentist appointments. Neither Mitch nor I have been to the dentist in over 5 years. We got our teeth xrayed and cleaned and it turns out that we each have one cavity! (Which is good since Mitch has had his since he was at the dentist last time and just never got it taken care of, and since I have horrible teeth and really expected to have more!) Mitch took me to my mom's so that I could get some things done while he ran a few more errands. Josh came over because his car was being worked on up on Normandy. He held Brooke for a few minutes but soon went outside because he didn't like how red she got when she cried! haha. Mom came home after work and took Josh back to the car shop and took me and Brooke back to church for dinner and the Wednesday night service. Church was good, and Brooke slept right through it but that made for a long day and a very tired set of parents!

This morning I got up extra early to go back to the dentist. I had to get my cavity filled... :) lol Most people hate the dentist, and especially hate getting drilled on, etc, but I have had so many dental procedures done that a little filling is nothing! lol When I got home, Mitch took my car to get the radiator flushed and the oil changed. Tonight we're supposed to do a little shopping...hope we have the energy!

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