Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Brooke's First Doctors Appointment

Today we had Brooke's first doctors appointment. We spent the morning lazily around the house and then got ready to go! She had to be there at 1:15, but alas we didn't make it on time. lol So it begins (the lateness I mean). I filled out all the paperwork while Mitch just held and talked to Brooke. He really is just enamored with her! I really liked the doctor's office, it was clean and organized and they really seem to have their act together. We are using the Carither's Group, which has 8 or 9 doctors. At the hospital Brooke and I saw Dr Connolly, Dr Baker and Dr Dal Porto. (one each morning). Today's appointment was with Dr Sapolsky. She was very nice and really helpful. Brooke weighed 7lbs 10oz, so they were very happy with that, since she's only 5 days old and already above her birth weight. They checked her hips for me, because Dr Dal Porto had said she had felt some clicking in one of them at the hospital. They don't think its anything serious, and that she'll just 'grow into the joint' in the next week or so, but if it still clicks next week then they'll do an ultrasound to look at it.

We headed home then, but stopped at Target to get my prescription. Since my work is right in front of the Target, I told Mitch to drive through the parking lot because I was going to take her inside to meet my boss if he was working. So we did and Anthony's car was there, so we went inside. Everyone was ooing and awwing over her. Anthony said he'd buy us lunch and I was like "oh, we're not hungry" and Mitch gave me a "look". So I asked him if he was hungry and he said yes, so we ate! lol She slept the whole time we were in the restaurant, and it was easy to keep random ppl away from her because it was 3:30, which is the slowest time of the day so the place was almost deserted. Mitch got the salmon and said it was the best he'd ever had, which is good. When we got home it had been just over 5 hours since we left and Brooke was ready to eat again. She's really good though because she rarely needs to eat more often than that. Now that she's on breastmilk completely (and not a mix of breastmilk and formula) they say she'll need to eat more often, but she sleeps so well that I hate to wake her. If she's eating more often I'll probably just give her a little extra in each bottle, but I haven't decided yet.

Mom came over after work today to see Brooke. I got some laundry done while she was holding and taking care of her, but not as much as I'd like to have accomplished because I'm still in a lot of pain. Christina Wombles brought us food tonight and of course had Kalea with her (her 6 month old daughter). Kalea went to Mitch for a little while so that Christina could hold Brooke. We couldn't believe how big Kalea looked compared to Brooke. We've seen her every week for 5 months, but hadn't noticed how much bigger she had gotten! It was a nice evening. Hopefully Brooke will be a good sleeper tonight too...

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  1. I LOVE Carither's! Dr. Dal Porto & Dr. Sapolsky are my favorites, but they are all good!