Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a long day...

Well, after a thoroughly restful night of almost 12 hours of sleep, I have managed to exhaust myself all over again! I went to work this morning and we had one heck of a day! They sent 2 of the servers home before 12, and the three of us who were left were slammed. I had 23 tables and they ran me all day long. Thankfully I made great money, which made it all worth it.

After work, I went to Lowes and bought paint for the wainscoting. I came home and started painting, only to find that I have to paint the whole thing with a brush because the roller doesn't work well. I spent almost 3 hours getting the first coat on and am finally finished. I came out of the room to find that Tama and Toby had eaten 4 of my shoes, effectively ruining 3 pairs, 2 of which constitute the only 2 pairs of white shoes I can wear now that I'm pregnant. Great. They weren't too happy when I put them in their cages. It was actually the first time that Tama's ever run from me when she's gotten in trouble. But now they are back out and acting silly so all is right with the world.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Brooke's room is finally starting to look like her room! Yesterday I bought the pink paint and wainscoting for the room, and last night Mitch and I got in there and painted the top half of the wall. Mitch had never painted before (so he said) but he stepped up to the challenge and did all of the trip all by himself. I rolled everything else and it looks really good! Then this morning, my mom and dad came over and we put up the wainscoting. The neighbor let us borrow his nail gun and compressor and that was such a huge help! Dad and Mitch did most of the cuts, but mom and I helped too. Mom's biggest help was that she made an amazing Memorial Day lunch for us and cleaned it all up too! We had ribs, corn on the cob, baked beans and watermelon! It was so great, and since we ate ribs, even Toby and Tama were celebrating with all the bones they devoured! By the time we finished up we were all exhausted. That was around 4. Mitch and I took showers and chilled for a couple of hours and then I just went back in there and did the prep work so that I can paint the wainscoting in the next couple of days! When its done we'll have pictures and I can't wait for everyone to see!

On a separate note, I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day and are as thankful as I am for all the men and women who have died for our freedom. :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

More present pictures!

These are some more of the adorable things that we have for Miss Brooke! It has taken me forever to get them all photographed and uploaded to my computer, so lets waste no more time showing them off!

These are the things that her NaeNae and Poppy (Mitch's parents) have gotten her! (Jeanne went on a shopping spree before we were even sure it was a girl!)

(Some 0-3 month onesies)

(Some 6 month onesies)

(Socks, Burp Clothes and a Moses Basket)

Christina came by after dropping of food for the Allens and gave us this adorable "High Maintenance" outfit for Brooke!

These are the things that Ms Carmen has gotten for her! (She keeps stopping a buying things every few days!)

(These are the onesies that she's gotten for Brooke)

(These are some dresses and an adorable jacket!)

Last but not least, this is Brooke's first very own stuffed animal. Its a very soft dog that her Great-Grandma Gwen bought for her!

We are so excited to have such a great group of people who love us and baby Brooke enough to give her these wonderful things...Hopefully it won't be but another month or so before we can place them in her finished room which we are hopefully painting on Monday! YAY!

Finally have the pictures!

I finally figured out how to save my sonograms in a jpeg format so that I can post them here! These are the ones from our 18 week sonogram when we found out we are having a girl.

This is our little girl's perfect little body.

This is her little foot!

This is her 'girl parts' (the view is from her back, looking between her legs)

This is her with her legs over her head! Silly girl!

I'm so glad that I'm finally able to put them up! Enjoy!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

We felt it!!!

So last night we were lying in bed and Mitch was praying and I felt this weird feeling in the lower part of my stomach, right above my pelvis. Obviously, since we were praying, I didn't move to see what it was, but as soon as Mitch said "Amen", I was like "Wait, don't go to sleep. I'm pretty sure that I just felt her kick." He once again told me I was lying. (Just like he did when I said I was pregnant). I kept my hand there and she kicked again, and then I put Mitch's hand there and she kicked him twice!

We talked about how cool it was, and then Mitch was like "lets get to sleep" and I told him I would go to sleep as soon as I stopped crying! lol I have been praying for over a week that the first time I felt her kick, Mitch would be there to share it with me, and I am so thankful that he was! I know he works a lot of hours but I just don't want him to miss anything, so I'm ecstatic that he was there.

Of course I then could not go to sleep because I couldn't stop paying attention to the little pounding the inside of my tummy was getting! Good news though is that she's smart! I started rubbing hard on my tummy a few inches over from where she had been kicking and she shifted and started kicking where my hand was! YAY!

Seriously, this may be the coolest thing ever. haha

Monday, May 18, 2009

Getting things started...

Lately I have been feeling like there was nothing I could do here at the house during the week to get ready for Brooke, because so many things had to be done (like moving heavy objects) before I could go through everything. So this weekend, Mitch and I got to working and accomplished a lot! We braced the attic (installed 1x4s so that boxes weren't sitting on the garage ceiling) and put a ton of things up there, everything from the Christmas decorations to my wedding dress and all of our childhood mementos. Then I started pulling everything out of the closet in what will be Brooke's room. I have a lot to go through but feel like I'm much further along! We also got the weight bench out of the office and into the garage so that I can start going through that room too. I might even have my brother come up one day this week and move the spare bed in there for me. We'll see. But one thing is for sure, I have 2 days off work this week and am going to be accomplishing a lot!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

So much to do, so little time!

I have been meaning to post some pictures here ever since we found out that we are having a little girl. Unfortunately, something is wrong with my scanner, and it won't upload the ultrasound pictures in jpeg format, and therefore I can't get them to upload to the blog. :( That is the bad thing, the good thing is that I have other pictures, of my baby bump and the gifts that little Brooke has received!

This is the picture of my baby bump the day that we found out we were having a girl!

There have been several people who have bought things for Brooke so far, and I'm trying to take pictures of everything that she receives from each person so that I can always remember where she got what. I'm going to post some of the ones I have photographed so everyone can see the adorable things that she will have to wear and play with!

These are the things that were bought on May 6th after our doctors appt, from her Papa and Grandma (my Dad and Mom).

This the "First Year" book that her Grandma bought for her and gave me on Mother's Day.

And these are the adorable things that her Aunt Tricia and Uncle Chris got her!

There will be more to come! I promise not to take as long next time!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

IT'S A ........


:) Mitch, my mom and Mitch's mom went to the doctor's office with me this morning and we found out that it's a girl! :) Yay! We're so excited. I made sure that I drank some caffeine on our way and she definitely seemed to be on drugs! lol. She kept moving and kicking and by the time we were finished she was laying on her neck with her feet over her head! :) We went out to Babies R Us and started our registry and went a head and looked at some patterns/fabrics at JoAnn's so that we can have all of the generous people willing to make things for this little girl get started! My dad met us at the town center and bought us lunch, which was very nice, and then insisted on buying the first outfits for her (now that we know she's a girl). So we went back to Babies R Us and my parents picked out 3 outfits, a sippy cup, bib and some footie pajamas for her. They are all so cute and I can't wait to dress her in them! :) We still have a few more decisions to make, but should have decisions about the nursery made by Saturday!

Oh and we're pretty positive that her name is going to be Brooke Starr Pearson... :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Less than two days...

So we have less than 2 days until we find out if its a boy or girl...I am soooo excited I keep counting down the days/hours! haha

Friday, May 1, 2009

A lot on my mind...

This week has been full and crazy. As I've been preparing for the bridal shower my mom and I are throwing tomorrow, and trying to work each day, there has been a slew (sp?) of other things on my mind. Sunday, Mitch's grandmother was taken to the hospital. They found that the clot that they removed last year from her leg had come back and my Monday had scheduled and preformed an amputation to her left leg. The surgery went well but they were unable to even look at the clot in her right leg because her body was too stressed by the amputation. So my mother in law called me this morning to tell me that they are taking her back in to surgery today at 10 to look at the right leg and hopefully will be able to remove the blockage or put a bypass in. Hopefully she'll do well.

I also got a call from my care group leaders this morning. She is about 34 weeks along and is at the hospital this morning because she's had back pain all night and some spotting. I'm waiting to hear from them to find out if I need to go get their dog Casey for the night. It looks like it will be a long day with work and then setting up for the shower, but I got myself into this so I'll have to handle it, tired or not! haha.

Oh yeah, only 5 more days until we find out the sex of the baby! YAY!