Wednesday, May 6, 2009

IT'S A ........


:) Mitch, my mom and Mitch's mom went to the doctor's office with me this morning and we found out that it's a girl! :) Yay! We're so excited. I made sure that I drank some caffeine on our way and she definitely seemed to be on drugs! lol. She kept moving and kicking and by the time we were finished she was laying on her neck with her feet over her head! :) We went out to Babies R Us and started our registry and went a head and looked at some patterns/fabrics at JoAnn's so that we can have all of the generous people willing to make things for this little girl get started! My dad met us at the town center and bought us lunch, which was very nice, and then insisted on buying the first outfits for her (now that we know she's a girl). So we went back to Babies R Us and my parents picked out 3 outfits, a sippy cup, bib and some footie pajamas for her. They are all so cute and I can't wait to dress her in them! :) We still have a few more decisions to make, but should have decisions about the nursery made by Saturday!

Oh and we're pretty positive that her name is going to be Brooke Starr Pearson... :)

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! Dallas will have a little girl friend! Isn't it soooo much fun KNOWING?!?