Thursday, May 21, 2009

We felt it!!!

So last night we were lying in bed and Mitch was praying and I felt this weird feeling in the lower part of my stomach, right above my pelvis. Obviously, since we were praying, I didn't move to see what it was, but as soon as Mitch said "Amen", I was like "Wait, don't go to sleep. I'm pretty sure that I just felt her kick." He once again told me I was lying. (Just like he did when I said I was pregnant). I kept my hand there and she kicked again, and then I put Mitch's hand there and she kicked him twice!

We talked about how cool it was, and then Mitch was like "lets get to sleep" and I told him I would go to sleep as soon as I stopped crying! lol I have been praying for over a week that the first time I felt her kick, Mitch would be there to share it with me, and I am so thankful that he was! I know he works a lot of hours but I just don't want him to miss anything, so I'm ecstatic that he was there.

Of course I then could not go to sleep because I couldn't stop paying attention to the little pounding the inside of my tummy was getting! Good news though is that she's smart! I started rubbing hard on my tummy a few inches over from where she had been kicking and she shifted and started kicking where my hand was! YAY!

Seriously, this may be the coolest thing ever. haha


  1. Yay! Dustin was over the moon the first time he felt Dallas kick! It was so amazing!

    Also, I got your comment on my blog. We're really not sure yet about what we're going to do. For now I want the people I work with to expect me to come back. Everything else, we're sort of keeping quiet :)