Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a long day...

Well, after a thoroughly restful night of almost 12 hours of sleep, I have managed to exhaust myself all over again! I went to work this morning and we had one heck of a day! They sent 2 of the servers home before 12, and the three of us who were left were slammed. I had 23 tables and they ran me all day long. Thankfully I made great money, which made it all worth it.

After work, I went to Lowes and bought paint for the wainscoting. I came home and started painting, only to find that I have to paint the whole thing with a brush because the roller doesn't work well. I spent almost 3 hours getting the first coat on and am finally finished. I came out of the room to find that Tama and Toby had eaten 4 of my shoes, effectively ruining 3 pairs, 2 of which constitute the only 2 pairs of white shoes I can wear now that I'm pregnant. Great. They weren't too happy when I put them in their cages. It was actually the first time that Tama's ever run from me when she's gotten in trouble. But now they are back out and acting silly so all is right with the world.

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  1. Wow! You are way ahead of us! We haven't even bought paint for Dallas's room yet. And it still has stuff in it that needs to be cleaned out!