Saturday, August 8, 2009

Boring Boring Bed Rest....

So this week has been busy then boring, which shouldn't surprise me because its busy when I have someone here with me and boring when I don't! lol. Monday and Tuesday my mom was here and besides accomplishing things here we also ran errands and finished the last of the exchanging/buying for Brooke. But Wednesday morning she left, and Jennifer Allen came and spent a few hours keeping me company. After which, I have had nothing going on for the past two days. Not that I was sitting here twittling my thumbs, but I did stay on my back way more than I had too! I did do things, but not all the way (for example, I got all the clothes washed and dried but then I just threw them on the bed in the spare bedroom, so they're not folded or put away! I put together the glider for Brooke's room, but left the box in the living room because I needed to lay back down. Anyway, today we change all that!

Mitch is outside right now mowing the yard, YAY! (He told me this morning that when I'm not pregnant anymore that its going to be my job to mow the yard and he's going to want me to do it every week (because I get mad that he only does it every other week) and I told him to get over himself because before I was pregnant I did do it every week! Silly Boy!) And my mom is on her way up here with the miter saw. She's going to pick me up and we're going to get the molding from home depot so we can put it up in Brooke's room today! YAY! I'll of course be mainly supervising, but still, YAY!! haha. After that Mitch is planning on going to the flee markets, so I'll probably go back to my mom's so we can stain the furniture, and maybe have most of it done by the end of the weekend! :) So at least I won't be bored!!!

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