Thursday, August 13, 2009

A less than ordinary trip to Sams....

So I've needed to go to Sam's for a couple of weeks now and had planned on stopping there on my way home from the doctors yesterday with my mom, but I wasn't feeling up to it so we just came home. Since the doctor okayed me to drive short distances I thought I would try my hand at going by myself.

I arrived at Sams and plopped myself down in one of the electric wheel chair carts (as I promised my doctor I would do every time I go into a store) and began my shopping. I have a method of shopping that includes going around the store a certain way, avoiding the middle if possible. I got the toilet paper and paper towels, the eggos and eggs, and headed to produce. I needed grapes and tomatoes from this section and proceeded to drive my little cart to the place that each is usually kept. I got to my roma tomatoes to find that they only had 3 packages, all rotting. So I had to choose a different kind of tomato. I then headed to the grapes, but alas they were not in the area they are supposed to be. I drove around in circles for 10 minutes looking for them, just to find that they had been put in a different area. Feeling frustrated I headed for the juices and was excited to see a sample person standing on the isle I was trying to go down so I could sample something. BUT I kept having to stop because there were literally 15 people who felt the need to leave their carts and step in front of me to get a sample, stand there and eat it and just as they would walk away another person would do the same thing. I wanted to scream "HELLO PREGNANT WOMAN IN WHEELCHAIR TRYING TO GO DOWN THIS ISLE!!!!" But whatever. Then (about halfway through my shopping, I hear "Will Jennifer Pearson please come to the service desk? Will Jennifer Pearson please come to the service desk? Thank You" So I drive my cart (which moves pretty slowly for those who were wondering) ALL the way to the front of the store because I had apparently dropped my membership card somewhere. I go back to my shopping and am ready to check out but every line has 4 or more people in them, all with cart loads of stuff. So I give in and get a pizza and sit in my cart while I eat it. I check out and head to the door. It looks like its going to start pouring so I decided that I should pull up my car instead of driving the electric cart outside and risking getting it wet. I pick up my purse and proceed to look for my key. I couldn't find it so I empty the entire contents of my purse onto my merchandise and alas it is still not there. So I take the cart to a store employee and ask him to watch it while I walk to my car to see if I dropped it by the car or left it in the car. I have no luck at my car so I go back inside to the service desk and someone had turned it in. Thankfully. Unfortunately from the time I checked out to the time I got in my car was a solid 25 minutes, so my "short little trip to the store" turned into a two hour trip.

Maybe I'm just not cut out to leave the house alone after all... :)


  1. I'm very jealous that you're allowed to go to the store at all! I'm not even allowed to make my bed or do dishes. *sigh*

  2. Ironically, I actually know what you mean and am sorry that you're dealing with that. :( This is a much better version of bedrest than the all out kind! Every time I go to the doctor I hope they don't put me back on that!

  3. Did you get the pictures? I mailed them to you! Sending my love you you and little Brooke Starr <3