Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Very Frustrated...

Anyone and everyone who wants to know anything about my doctors appointment yesterday needs to either read about it here or check with my mom or Mitch. The reason will become clear in just a moment....

So yesterday I got up early and headed to my mom's. I picked her up and we made it to the doctors office 15 minutes early. We ended up waiting almost an hour before being seen, which is getting a little frustrating since its happened the last 3 visits, but I digress. My blood pressure was good and Brooke's heartbeat was strong and steady. Paula checked by belly and Brooke is in the correct position to be born. Then she checked my uterus and was very surprised to find that it is still as high up as it was two weeks ago. Everything else is plenty ready for birth (ie my uterus is soft, I'm slightly effaced, and she's correctly positioned) but because she won't drop they won't induce. It was at this point that I started tearing up and then crying.

Yes I know that that is stupid, and yes I know that its not a huge deal, but that doesn't change the fact that I am so frustrated by this situation that I cry every time I tell anyone that we can't induce this week. So this is the last time I will repeat it. :) Because I don't like crying and that happens every time.

They scheduled me to come in on Monday, and Mike will have to make a judgment call as to weather to induce if I'm still this high. We are hoping however that she'll come on her own before then.

In another note, one about which I am very happy, My Mom got a job yesterday! She's been going on interviews and follow ups for a couple weeks now but yesterday found out that she got it! Yay! SO that's a huge praise and I'm so proud of her! (and they don't mind her missing a day for the baby's birth so yay!)


  1. Yay for your mom's job!! And I am sorry about the whole inducing this week thing. You know better than anyone to "Let go, and Let God!" She will be here before you know it. I was going to call you yesterday, but I guess it is better that I didn't. Can we chat tomorrow afer I get off work at 7? <3

  2. Aww...I'm sorry about your disappointment, and I'm sorry that I've been so bad about keeping touch lately. I totally know what you're going through right now, though. I felt like my doctors strung me along for weeks with the whole to induce or not to induce thing. Just a little while longer, girl! I'll be praying extra hard for you!!