Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another week, another doctors appointment!

Well my doctor's appointment went well this morning. The Brooke's heartbeat is strong and steady and my pulse was good as well. One bad note is that while we were waiting for Paula to come in, I started figiting with my hand and noticed that my rings don't want to slide over my knuckle. They still don't hurt or anything, they just don't want to slide off like normal, so I'll probably have to grab my good diamond necklace when I get home, and wear them that way for a couple weeks... :(

Anywho, Paula came in and checked my uterus and said that there wasn't much progress. Its still "way up there" (as she said it!) and still not dialated. :( She said not to worry about it that she was sure that by the time I came back next week I would be plenty ready so that they can schedule to induce on the 1st. I see her on Tuesday again next week so we'll find out then!

As a side note for those who don't know or understand why I feel so strongly about scheduling the birth, here are some of the major reasons...

Mitchell is "on car" (meaning he is riding in a UPS truck with a random driver) 4 days a week, meaning that if I were to go into labor during the day, he wouldn't be able to just head to the hospital. He would have to get a ride back to the building and then head to Jacksonville. Depending on how far he was from the building, it could add up to 2 or 3 hours more before he could start his hour and a half drive from the building to the hospital. (and that's assuming I can get to the hospital without him).

Another reason is that if we do it on a Thursday, then my family who is out of town but close enough to make a day trip (like Aunt Betty and Aunt Doris) could come see us when we first get home on Saturday!

Also, if we can schedule to induce then Mitchell can schedule to use his last two discressionary days tacked onto his paturnity leave, giving him 10 days at home with me and Brooke instead of 7.

Lastly, with my dad in full hunting mode and Josh living in Gainesville, it would be much easier to get them to the hospital if I can give them a day to plan on. If I just go into labor there is no telling how long it will take to reach either of them, since Dad can't get reception at the hunting camp and only goes into town and checks his messages "when he feels like it" and Josh lets his phone die every other day or so, and when its not dead, usually leaves it in the car for hours at a time. :(

So yeah, just so everyone knows.... :)

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  1. Hello Lovely! So we can plan for the first?!?! Can't wait to meet her! <3