Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!!!

Today is Labor Day, a day to not labor! :) I am so glad its here! Partically because it means I get an extra day with my husband and parcially because it means that its time for the Florida State/Miami season kickoff game. :) But none of this is the reason that I am posting...I am posting because I have PICTURES!!!

While at this moment I still haven't gotten the quilt, I am confident that I will get it today. I do however have all other major aspects of the room done including the drapes hung! So for all of you who are anxiously awaiting the pics of the they are!

The rocking chair/sitting area in front of the window.

The Dresser! The basket is for her dirty clothes, and the pegboard is holding some of her headbands!

The changing table wall! Notice the basket liners! I helped make those! haha. The diaper stacker on the wall, my mom made, and I covered the trash can so it would match the room!

The Crib!

A close up of the crib! The bumper on the outside matches the basket liners and on the inside matches the diaper stacker. The bedskirt matches the drapes and the organizer!

The window dressings! A special thanks goes out to my parents who put the boards together and to my mom for making the drapes. I also need to thank Ms Shirley from my mom's Sunday School class for embroidering the "B" for us! Mom and I upholstered it Friday!

I will add the pics of the organizer and the quilt asap! (Oh, I also don't know why the pictures are crooked, but I'll do better next time!) lol

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  1. Wow Jen! It looks amazing! I can tell you all have been really busy because no detail has been forgotten :-) As soon as I unpack my sewing machine I will be able to finish Brooke's quilt and get it in the mail to you!