Saturday, September 12, 2009

Doctor's Update

So I totally forgot to update everyone about my most resent doctors appointment! So -----> Here goes!

Thursday I had an appointment at 11:45 (the last one b4 lunch) and went in to see Mike instead of Paula for the first time in months. (Mike is Dr Phelan, my actaully OBGYN, Paula is his wife an a Certified Nurse Midwife who does most of my appointments.) He checked the heartbeat and my uterus. Doesn't look like we'll be having the baby this week but we'll go back next week and check again. :) He gave me permission to do whatever I want so no more bed rest to worry about! lol Maybe I'll be back to my capable self by the time she comes!

All in all, good stuff going on! Going back on Wednesday afternoon, so we'll see if there's any progress!

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