Thursday, September 17, 2009

One more least.

Yesterday was my 37 week doctors appointment! Yay! lol not really. I got there and it seemed like there wasn't anyone else there for appointments, but it still took them longer to see me than it has in the past. When Paula finally came in, they checked the heartbeat which was really strong and steady. Then she checked my uterus, and told me that I would be at least one more week...not even close! :( Too bad.

On a good note, I have accomplished a lot this week at my mom's house. We got the flooring put down in the room that Brooke will be in over there and yesterday I cut all of the shoe molding for that room before I left. We also got the garage pretty much cleaned out, and my mom's big ol' expedition even fits in it now! :) Yay! Just have to finish relocating/organizing the work bench from one side of the garage to the other.

On an even better note, Mitch was wanting to know when we could induce last night. (a huge improvement over his "she's staying in there until you're forty two weeks!") Now he wants us to induce on Oct. 1st. I don't know, we'll just have to see. At my next appointment I'm seeing Mike again, and he makes those decisions, so hopefully he'll be agreeable!

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  1. cannot wait to meet her <3 sorry i haven't been by to see you yet! i wish my life would just calm down, but we won't go into that. i just want to see your preggers belly (again). love you! <3