Saturday, September 26, 2009

Family Visit

So today Mom and I went to Gainesville to visit with my Aunt Doris's side of the family! My cousin Nickie had come to Florida with her new addition and we drove down there to spend some time with everyone. We went to my cousin Danielle's house and boy did we have a house full! Aunt Doris and Uncle Bob were there as were Danielle and her son Cameron, Carla, with her daughters Courtney and Amanda and granddaughters Aniya and Jayla, Nickie with Parker and new addition Emma, Mom and me! We had a blast though! I took a couple pics of the little ones, and of the bow holder I made for Emma. Since the adoption happened so quickly we haven't had a chance to have a baby shower, but I wanted to get it made and to her so that she has something with her name on it to hang in the room! :)

Emma (knocked out on Aunt Frances' lap! 8 days old!)

Aniya (In her chair, 20 months old)

Jayla (Working on "tummy time", 3 months old)

Emma's Bow Holder (you can hang all her hair bows on the ribbons that hang down!)

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