Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What a weekend....

So today is Tuesday, February 17th. Mine and Mitchell's second wedding anniversary. :) We both worked today and won't celebrate until this coming weekend but its exciting none the less.

This past weekend, we were supposed to start doing our baby shopping (ie doing some comparing of prices and narrowing down our preferences) but we found out on Thursday that my family was giving my uncle a birthday party in Lakeland, so we stayed home all morning, drove down there at noon, and got to the party around 5. My cousins had been cooking all day and the food was GREAT! We spent a few hours eating and visiting with my family that I don't get to see that often. It was really nice. Every family member seemed to come up to me and say the same thing "So I heard you're going to be a mom! Congratulations, we're so happy for you!" lol. It was really nice. We didn't get home until midnight and we were soo tired. When we tried to go to bed, Casey (the dog we're dog-sitting) decided she didn't want to sleep and stayed up barking most of the night. She and Mitch were in the other room so he got almost no sleep and therefore didn't go to church with me on Sunday. :(

I had lunch with my family after church. When I went home Mitch was just getting up. We watched tv together for a couple of hours. Nicole, Mitch's coworker, called and said that she wanted to have dinner with us, so we met her at the Japanese Steakhouse and ate with her and her kids. (Her husband was on duty all day.... I think she was craving some adult interaction! lol).

Yesterday, my sister in law came up to my work to see me. She brought the girls (my nieces) up also, and they were sooo cute! :) It was great to see them. Now I have some cleaning to do and I really don't want to! haha! We have Casey until tomorrow afternoon. Hope it goes well! :)

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