Friday, February 27, 2009

The pictures....

Yesterday I had my first doctor's appointment, and it went really well. They checked everything, ya know all those things that make you really uncomfortable, yeah, all that! lol. They originally calculated my due date as Oct 13th, but then asked if I wanted to see the baby and hear the heartbeat. I said yes! And when they measured the baby on the sonogram, they measured the pregnancy at exactly 8 week (instead of 7) and changed my due date to October 8th. The picture to the right is little baby Pearson. If you look close, there is a little plus sign at each end of the light spot. The left one is the head and the right one is the booty! It wasn't moving much, but at one point it started to wiggling on the screen which was really cool. My mom was with me and she was all giggly and teary eyed and I was totally thinking that she was this huge dork, but then I got to see this next picture. This one is the heartbeat picture. They turned the sound on and I was able to hear the little 'thump, thump, thump' of my babies heart and then I started crying! :) If you look at the bottom of the picture, you can actually see the baby's heartbeat, and they said that it was really good, because it was strong and consistent. As you can see the beats are all about the same intensity and distance from each other. Little baby Pearson as a heartbeat of 175 beats per minute, even this early! :) Needless to say that I was really excited. I called Mitch when we left the doctor's office and he was really happy that I got to see the baby, neither of us thought we would be able to so early. Thankfully we live in a wonderful time of technology that has allowed us this blessing! I have my next appointment in 4 weeks (March 27th) and then the appointment after that we'll get to find out the sex of the baby. (Maybe then, Mitch and I might be able to agree a baby name or two!) I still have to do some lab work in the next week or so, but I doubt that that will be even half as exciting as the sonogram.

Stop reading now, if you don't want to know the intimate details of how they were able to see the baby so

So I had read about this in my pregnancy book and was seriously dreading it. Its called a vaginal sonogram, because they actually insert the end of the machine up the vaginal canal to the uterine wall. Apparently the uterus is still down in the pelvis area this early in pregnancy, so an abdominal sonogram cannot see anything. But against the uterine wall, they can see the baby. So here I was thinking that they were going to attempt to stuff this rectangular hand piece that they normally use on abdomens up there. But thankfully it isn't that at all. Its this long cylinder, about the diameter of a tampon, so it wasn't bad at all. Just so that everyone understands. haha.


  1. How exciting to see little Baby Pearson. Looks like you are getting one baby quilt :-)

  2. Jennifer, isn't it wonderful, that you can see your baby! And hear it's little heart beat!! Baby's heart beat WAY faster than our beats, it will get slower though, during your pregnancy. Oh and all the amazing technological things that can go up "there", at least you read about it first and you were expecting the worst, only to find that it wasn't that big of a deal. Love you!!
    <3 Sasha

  3. Congratulations!!! I was kind of surprised about the first sonogram experience myself, but once you see the little baby on the screen you forget all about what they have to do to get that cute picture!