Friday, February 6, 2009

Our first baby gift...

Today was another hectic Friday (so far, at least). I worked my behind off at work and was ready to leave, when Tiffany Corbin came in and handed me a very little pair of white socks. Said she had picked them up for the baby! :) I was so excited. I know they are just a pair of baby socks but they reminded me of the miracle that is growing inside of me!

Tonight we're supposed to have dinner with Kris and Marie so that we can tell them. Its been killing me that we haven't told them, but I thought Mitch and I should tell them together since they're our best couple friends.

Last night Mitch got off work earlier than normal and we had dinner and talked about the baby. We're so excited and still digesting the reality that we are going to be parents in just 9 short months! :)

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