Friday, February 13, 2009

One of those days....

So yesterday seemed to go by so slowly that I couldn't wait to get out of work. I went to the gym after work and spent 20 minutes doing cardio before my yoga/pilaties class started. By the time I left the gym I was nice and energized (or tired, those mean the same right?). I came home and cleaned because this afternoon through Wednesday, we are dog sitting. I had dinner with my parents and then Mitch came home and we went to bed.

The dogs were being good but then we remembered that I hadn't made Mitch's lunch yet, so we got up to do that, and when we went back to bed, the dogs didn't want to lay down. But after a few minutes, Toby got with the program and laid down between Mitch and me. Tama however didn't seem to want to cooperate. So I put her in her cage. About an hour later (11:00 PM) She started barking. Like a lot. This woke Toby and he got out of the bed. I tried to leave the bedroom while leaving Toby in the bedroom, but he ran between my legs and straight to the kitchen (where the cages are). I let Tama out of her cage and she went to the sliding glass doors as if she needed to go outside. I put their leashes on them and opened the door. Toby ran so hard that he pulled his leash out of my hand, resulting in me (in my underware) having to run like 5 steps out my back door to pick it up. I looked around and didn't see any reason for him to act that way. I tried pulling them both inside, and Tama wouldn't come. She was just standing on the back porch, when this little dockson came walking up.

I now understood why Tama had been barking and why Toby had run so hard out the door, but that didn't help any. I knew who this dog was because it is the third time that he's shown up on my back porch in the middle of the night. The other two times were on nights that were colder than 45 degrees. His house is about a mile from mine on the other side of the neighborhood. So when Tama came inside, so did Bailey. I was so mad because, obviously, my two dogs were not going to calm down anytime soon, especially while Bailey was anywhere close. By this time its almost midnight. I grabbed my robe, and got in the car with all three dogs, and with out my glasses and drove to Bailey's house. I stood on thier front porch for 15 minutes ringing thier doorbell and knocking, but no one came. I came home and had to put both Tama and Toby in thier cages, and Bailey in the front bathroom. I then attempted to go back to sleep, which didn't happen for almost 2 hours because the dogs were wining, barking and otherwise making noise.

I again tried to return Bailey this morning, to no avail. So I sit here now, with three dogs and have to leave for work soon. As soon as I get off work, the Allens are droping off Casey (an 80 pound Golden Retreiver) which will bring my grand total to four. I might actually go crazy before today is over. The earliest that I can attempt to return Bailey again is 6, when I get back from driving the Allens to the airport. Lets just say that I have a few choice words for Bailey's owners, because they don't have a fenced in yard, but they have one of those invisible fences, but they don't keep the collar on Bailey except when they take him outside. What happens is that they open the door to go out, he slips outside (without the collar) and takes off running. Instead of going after him, they let him go and wait for him to come back. If it happens right before bed, they just go to bed and leave him out all night. My problem is that they do this on nights that are colder than 45 degrees, so little Bailey walks the mile to my house and stands outside wining until my dogs hear him, wake up, wake me up and we let him in, and then I'm the one up in the middle of the night while they are sleeping tight. GRRRRR....I don't need this stress while I'm pregnant!


  1. That is hilarious! It sounds like Bailey's owners don't deserve such a sweet puppy. Good luck with the 4 dogs!

  2. Thanks, I'll need it, and no, they don't deserve such a sweet dog!

  3. Wow! 4 dogs- that is too crazy! That is really inconsiderate of you and poor Bailey to leave him out all night especially with those temperatures!