Monday, February 2, 2009

Spreding the word...

Today, we started spreading the word! :) Always a fun thing. Mitch wanted to tell his parents, so he called them. He couldn't get his mom on the phone, so he called and told his dad. Jeanne called me and congratulated me. I told my mom yesterday and she was excited but I knew I wanted Josh and Dad to know sooner than later so I set up dinner with them tonight. We were all sitting together and I said, "Dad, I need you to come and get the baby furniture and take it back to Mom's so that you and Josh can strip and stain it." and of course Josh was like "No way!! I'm not doing that" and Mom was across the table mouthing the words "Ask why." So Josh did and I said, "Because I can't do it while I'm pregnant." Josh started crying! It was so sweet! Dad said "No you're not!" (at least 3 times). And then he cried too!

I called my Aunt Betty and Aunt Doris and told them both. I'm sure it won't take long for the word to spread. :) I still have to make a few more calls to make but I'm a little tired so it might have to wait!

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