Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The First of Many..

Tomorrow I have my first doctor's appointment and I'm so excited. It should be very interesting. I want to know so much. Most of which I probably won't get tomorrow, but that's okay. I want to know my due date. I want to know if its twins. I want to know if it is a boy or girl, or two boys or two girls or whatever. I want to know what kind of pregnancy I'll have. I want to know how I'm going to feel, what it will look like, how it will act, if he will look like his father, or if she will look like me!?!?

It has been a long week and I'm exhausted. I definitely need my prenatal vitamins so that I won't be so tired. I also need to stop feeling like I can't eat. I'm not throwing up but I'm not ever hungry. I have to make myself eat, which doesn't work very well. I got the house all cleaned up tonight, and most of the laundry, so that I don't have any work to do this weekend! :) I'm so excited, I can't sleep but I'd better try. I'll update tomorrow with all the new info!!!


  1. Good luck at your doctor's appointment! That is very exciting :)

  2. Yea! I can't wait to hear all about it. They may be able to tell you if it is twins, but you'll probably have to wait a little while to find out if it's a boy or girl. Good luck!