Sunday, February 22, 2009

Already time to start a new week....

The past several days have been VERY busy and exhausting! Not that I don't love staying busy and being tired but it gets a little old! It started on Thursday, after working all day, I came home and there were ants all over my kitchen floor. I spent 20 minutes cleaning that up and waiting on my mom. She has offered to come and help keep the house up once every week or two, so that I don't get behind. She got here and we scrubbed the bathroom and did some laundry and I can honestly say that it was hard to even walk to the bedroom that night for bed, because I was sooooo tired!

I woke up in my sleep 2 or 3 times because my right arm was numb or "asleep". Which was really weird because there was no weight on it. When I was getting ready for work it happened a few more times for no reason, so I called my OBG-YN and talked to a nurse who told me that it wasn't related to my pregnancy but that I needed to see a doctor because it wasn't normal and we need to know the cause of it. So I got all emotional and scared and started bawling. :) I couldn't get a hold of Mitch because he was in a meeting so I told the lady at the building to tell him it was really important. When I told him what the nurse said he told me to tell work, and go to the doctor. I was pulling in to work at this point because it took me so long to get ahold of him, so I just went inside, red puffy eyes and all, and told Steve (one of my managers) what was going on, and I didn't even have to ask, he just told me to get to a doctor. I called my mom and headed to her house, and I let her make the calls to the doctor's office. They couldn't see me, so we went to the emergency room. After talking with the doctor, blood work, lab work and an ultrasound of my neck and arm, they determined that the problem was being caused by a pinched nerve I had a couple of years ago. The nerve is in my neck, on the right side, and still bothers me every couple of months, and apparently, when it gets tight, it causes the muscle to tighten around the nerves and blood vessels traveling into my right arm. With the increased blood flow because of the pregnancy, it was causing the numbness which it usually doesn't. They told me that I have to ice it more often, as well as put heat on it if it gets tight. Also Mitchell gets more massage duties! LOL. We didn't leave the hospital until almost 4, after a LONG DAY (especially since I didn't even get a room, I was on a bed, in a hospital gown, in the hallway.)

We stopped by my Aunt Cathy and Uncle Mike's house since we were already down there, and I got to tell them about the pregnancy. They were really excited. My cousin Kelly arrived shortly after we did, so I got to tell her too! :) In addtion we got to see Kelly's adoreable little boys, Luke and Ben and they were so sweet!

Mom and I had dinner together and then I headed home, fully exhausted, and fell into bed...

Saturday was no less busy. I got up at 10ish and headed to my grandma's house. We had lunch together and did a little shopping. It was good to see her, because she is such a sweetheart, but I wasn't feeling as good as I would have like to. I'm not sure what it was but I felt like I was about to throw up all day. :( After I left Gran's house, I went to see and hang out with my friend Starr. Sasha had already gotten there, when I drove up and we got to spend some time catching up. Starr wanted to 'touch my belly' and I let her, but only because she's special! I'm still not loving this whole 'everyone wants to touch my stomach thing'. lol. I guess I'd better get used to it. :) Her friend Cheryl from Gainesville came up and we scrapbooked for a couple hours, before I had to meet my inlaws for dinner. We went to Longhorn's, which was nice. Unfortunately we found out that Mitch's dad was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. That's not good, but I'm sure that with a few diet changes and the meds they gave him, he'll be fine. Our nieces were there and they were sweet. Alana said she wanted to spend the night with "Uncle Mitch and Aunt Jen." So we brought her home with us. She was such a big girl about getting ready for bed, and going to sleep.

When she got up this morning, Mitch was already up, and said that when she came out of the bedroom, the dogs both were in her face trying to kiss her. She was pushing the hair out of her face and said "Good Morning Doggies!" Mitch couldn't believe how happy she was when she got up. When she came in the bedroom with me, she sighed and said "Its such a wonderful day!" She's so cute! We got ready and went to church. She had a good time and Dr Brunson's message was good. We met my dad for lunch at Chili's and then took Alana home. When we got home, Mitch wanted to wait a while and so we didn't lay down for a nap until almost three, which is why we didn't wake up until after seven and why its almost 11 on a Sunday night and I'm not even tired! I'd better hit the sack or I'll be up all night! :)

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  1. That makes me tired just reading that! I am glad it was just a pinched nerve and nothing serious!