Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving week

Monday before Thanksgiving Jennifer and the girls got into town, so we went over there to see them. Here are some of the pictures from Brooke's first meeting with her cousin's Alana and Jaqlyn.

Alana is the one holding Brooke, Jaqlyn had her cup in her face! :)

Brooke isn't looking in this one but Jaqlyn is actually looking!

Tuesday I can honestly say I have no earthly idea what Brooke and I did. I don't remember anything, so we'll move on to Wednesday!

Wednesday I picked up the pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and stopped in to see my friend Amy because she hadn't seen Brooke yet! We got to talk for a few minutes and then I headed to my mom's. I spent the afternoon wrapping presents, cleaning and cooking so that the house would be ready for Thanksgiving day.

This is Brooke in her cradle! Isn't she cute!

Then I went over to the Regency mall to meet Mitch's family so that I could watch Alana and Jaqlyn take their pictures with Santa. Then we all had dinner at Longhorns. After dinner Alana wanted to come home with me, and after quite an exchange that included begging, crying, guilt tripping and some major attempts on my part to not laugh out loud, I headed home with 3 girls in 3 car seats in my back seat! When we got home, we gave all the girls a bath together, and now have the first official 'bath tub party' pictures of Brooke's young life! Here are a couple of them!

Alana and Brooke

Jaqlyn...with a washcloth on her head!

The girls didn't really want to go to bed, so it they played alot. My spare room may never be the same! lol

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