Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Festivities!

Well Christmas Eve is finally here and we've been very very busy! :) I got up early this morning and went to my mom's to finish the last of the wrapping and then help her cook and clean for tonight! :) Dad did me a favor by coming up here to walk the dogs around noon so that I didn't have to come home, but they didn't have to stay in their cages for 12 straight hours! That would have been bad!

Mom made homemade spaghetti sauce, garlic bread and a salad for dinner while I did most of the straightening up and set up! Brooke, meanwhile, spent a good portion of the day being walked around by Paw Paw, and then laying on her play mat! We had to get ready for church around 3:45, but Mom had fallen asleep on the couch with Brooke and told me that she couldn't get up because Brookelynne was 'holding her down'! Ha! They are both such stinkers! :) hehe. Mom and I had finished getting ready and were changing Brooke into her dress when Nickie, Phillip, Danielle, Cameron, Parker and Emma arrived! They came inside and dressed the babies and we headed downtown!

Josh and Amy had saved us seats near the back! The service was very nice, but Brookelynne didn't want to be there apparently because she kept crying. I would no sooner step through the doors to go into the lobby that she would quiet right down. As soon as I would sit back down, she'd be crying! Mom finally took her and kept her outside for about 15 minutes until she fell asleep and then she came back in with her. We did the Lord's Supper and then lit our candles, it was a very sweet service, and I loved holding Brooke as the auditorium was lit by candlelight. I started crying as I prayed for her and thanked the Lord for sending Jesus, and asked that she'd come to know him in just a few years.

We went back to the house and finished getting dinner on the table. We sat around the table and ate and talked and had a very good time! (Mitch and Dad had arrived by then!) Then we opened presents! The little boys got toy trucks and were loving them! lol Lots of noise involved! The rest of us got gifts too and really had a good time spending time with family! We pulled out Brooke's Santa pjs, which matched Parker's and Emma's and got some cute pics, here are some of them!

Brookelynne, Parker and Emma

Parker and Cameron with their trucks spinning!

Brooke and Emma

The Pearsons!

Josh and Amy

Brooke in her Jenny Jump Up from Aunt Amy and Uncle Josh!

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