Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

The Pearsons Christmas

Well, Christmas Day is here and was filled with many many things to do! We got up early and opened Christmas presents at home, just Mitch, Brooke and me! Mitchell got me a beautiful diamond journey necklace and I love it! Brooke got a couple of things that she LOVED opening! lol jk. But we did get it all on video, so she can love it in a few years. (Mitch's big gift was a suit, by the way).

Then we scurried around the house and got ready to head out. We went to my mom's house and she had breakfast ready! It was soo good, cheese grits, bacon and sausage! We were waiting for Gran to get there but no one could get her on the phone. Come to find out she had gone to visit her daughter in law at the last minute, and left Mom a message, but she hadn't gotten it yet. So after a while we went ahead and opened presents, Mitch, Brookelynne, Mom, Josh and me!

It was very nice! Josh got an MP3 player, and Mitch got a safe. Mom got me a beautiful jewelry box, and Brooke got some clothes and a very cool steering wheel fisher price toy. (And Mitch likes that because it will help her with her spanish! haha).

We then headed over to Mitch's parent's house and opened presents there with Jeanna, Wayne, Zach and Dorothy. Brooke got 2 light up, lullaby dolls, and a piano/building blocks toy! (It is capable of helping with spanish too, but Mommy's going to have to figure out how to work that part before Brooke starts hearing the spanish! haha) Its a very unique toy, and I'll probably have to put some serious work into understanding it, while Brooke will just 'get it'. lol.

Nay Nay also got Brooke a walker/jumper for the house, so she'll be growing into that really soon!

We spent a few hours just hanging out with them, and then headed home, because I had a really bad headache (which didn't go away until I went to sleep). Jeanna had made a delicious lunch and was so generous to send some home with us! She cooked her ham with apple pie filling and it was sooo good! :) Once we got home, we unloaded the cars and walked the dogs and did the dishes and I don't really remember anything past that! I do remember that my house is a disaster area and is going to need some serious work!

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