Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Week in Review...

Well this week has gone by very quickly. Since we found out that Brooke had an ear infection we've been dealing with her slight fussiness and random schedule. One day she'd be up all day and sleep great, and the next day she'd sleep all day and be up until midnight! She'd been sleeping through the night for a couple of weeks when she got her ear infection, so I was definitely not loving the regression. I also didn't love her not feeling well, because I don't know whats wrong with her. Is her ear not improving? Is it just a tummy ache? Did she get a cold? Have a headache? There's no way to know! :(

Yesterday we went back to the doctor's office because she had a fever on Sunday night and was cranky on Monday. They told me that her ear infection was all healed up so she much just have caught a little something else. They did her two month check up so that I wouldn't have to go back on Thursday! She weighed 12 lbs and half an ounce! She's 23 inches long which means she's grown an inch and a half since she was born! They gave her her shots, but wouldn't let me hold her while they did it, which made me mad! (Because I had been told by several of our friends that they had been allowed to hold their babies while they got their shots!)

I did fine, didn't cry or anything. She wasn't happy at all but quieted down when I was able to pick her up. :P (Mean nurse).

Today is my Grandma Gwen's birthday, so we're going over to have dinner with her at 6. Hopefully Brooke feels up to it! :)

Here are some pics of her the last week or so!

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  1. I have had nurses in the past try to get in between me and one of the boys while they were getting shots or having blood drawn. I still managed to get a hand on my baby. They couldn't stop me. Next time ask the nurse why you can't hold Brooke while she's being given a shot by a stranger. If the nurse doesn't give you a satisfactory answer, tell her that you WILL be holding your baby, and if she can't handle that to get another nurse.
    Hope this helps. Praying that Brooke gets better soon.