Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Rivalry Saturday...

Well Thanksgiving only comes once a year and is packed full of food and family, as always!

We got up Thanksgiving morning and got all 3 of the girls dressed and out the door around 10. About an hour later than I wanted but, hey, we had 2 extra children! We got to my mom's and I helped her make dinner! We had quite a spread and it was all delicious! She's such a great cook. Josh and Amy had to have Thanksgiving at her grandparents house that morning, so we planned on eating at 1, and Josh and Amy arrived right before we sat down to eat! We had a really nice meal and just talked and laughed for about an hour. Then Mitch and I had to head over to his parent's house for their Thanksgiving!

We got there about 3 and dinner was ready right at 4. Jeanna had worked really hard and it showed! She had so much food and it was great! Especially the yeast rolls *wink wink* (She was very proud of those because she made them from scratch and they were really good! :) ) We got to stay and visit with everyone for a couple of hours and Poppy got to hold Brooke a lot. Then we headed home because Mitch's allergies were really bothering him. Jennifer brought her cat from Texas and Mitch is apparently very allergic because his eyes were red and watery and his nose was running really bad almost immediately! Next time we'll have to get some Benedryl in him before we encounter any cats! lol.

Black Friday, Mom and I decided to go out late, which was 9 am. I don't think I could have gotten out of bed a minute earlier than I did. This having an infant thing and going all over for holidays is exhausting! :) We hit a few stores and got the things we were looking for and then had lunch with Gran before heading to Mom's house. I got the tree out of the garage and got it standing. I also wrapped several presents. I'm not sure what all we have left to buy, but what we've bought is wrapped! :) Then I came home and waited for Mitch to get home. It was another late night! I just can't seem to get away from those!

Saturday Mitch went to the flea market early! It was so cold while he was packing the car that I was getting cold and I was inside! I got up and ready and went to my mom's to finish the wrapping. I was so tired and Brooke was really cranky all morning, so I didn't get over there until almost noon. So I didn't get much time with my mom before meeting Mitch to watch the game. It was a sad loss but expected with the rookies we've had and the problems our defense has faced all season. Still we are Seminoles thru and thru, so here is a picture of us all decked out in our FSU gear!

We had to wake Brooke up to take the picture, so she wasn't very happy! lol

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  1. Jeff is really allergic to cats and we found out much the way you did with Mitch..... we always have benadryl at the ready!