Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Long time, No post....

The last 10 days have gone by so quickly and rather uneventfully that I haven't posted! :( So I thought that I would do a quick recap of them so that I do hit the slightly eventful point and then I'll re-commit to posting more often! :)

Well last weekend was as short as they come! But that's not unusual, I had a baby shower in the morning (Saturday) and then Mom and I went down to the outlet mall to do some shopping (mainly I was looking for some new boots and a slip for Brooke's dedication gown). We met Dad, Bev, Tricia, Davis, Abbi, Freddy, and Austin for lunch, which was very good. Aunt Tricia got to hold Brooke for most of the lunch and Abbi took a turn holding her also. Dad took pictures on his phone, so I'm going to get Josh to put them on a computer so that I can post them! We found some really good deals at Carters and Aerosoles, but other than that, nothing. I did however see that they had a Nike Outlet, so we ended up coming back out there Sunday afternoon because Mitch wanted to look at some stuff.

The week was as blah as can be. :) Monday I went to my mom's to work on the flooring in the last room of the house! I cleared the room and then Dad and I went and got all the materials. Tuesday I went back to start on the flooring, but Dad didn't come to the house, so I really couldn't accomplish anything since I kept having to deal with Brooke. Tuesday night my throat started hurting, so Wednesday morning I went to the doctor's office. I had/have a sinus infection, so they gave me an antibiotic. This has made me frustrated this past week because I've had to throw away all of my breast milk for 7 days! The good news is that we now know that Brooke will eat the defrosted Breastmilk! (Our friend Christina's daughter Kalea is 7 months old and Christina's still having to pump even though she has freezers full of breastmilk, because Kalea can tell the difference and won't drink it!) Thursday I wasn't feeling good so I accomplished very little. Friday I put up our Christmas decorations because I usually do it the Sunday before Thanksgiving and knew I wouldn't be able to do it this past weekend or any other day before Dec. 1st. I quite honestly I feel like its a total waste to have Christmas decorations up for any less than 4 full weeks. :)

Saturday I rested while Mitch worked the flea market and then we had dinner with Mitch's family. :) We all met at the Chili's and ate and then headed to the mall to see Santa! lol Yes I know its early, but quite frankly, she's not going to remember it anyways and I didn't have to wait in line! Brooke did just fine with Santa, not scared or anything, but we had a very hard time getting her to look at the camera because she likes looking at lights and they had all of these Christmas lights dangling above Santa's chair. So all you could see of Brooke was her chin! We did get a good one though...

Brookelynne's first visit with Santa!

This is NayNay feeding Brooke in her pretty dress

Family Picture!

Here are some of the pics that needed to be put on here!

Brooke in her Halloween bib! Thanks Aunt Sasha and Uncle Justin!

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