Saturday, November 14, 2009

Brooke's Tummy Trouble...

My baby girl is a wonderful baby. From not crying much at all to her going 4 or 5 hours between feedings she's a blessing. One of her other attractive qualities is that she rarely spits up, and when she does it is in very small amounts. That is why it really worried me this morning when she started spitting up over and over again.

She seemed to spit up a lot of her bottle last night, but I just assumed that the breast milk she had just had was from a day I had too much fried food or that it was too warm and/or cold for her, and dismissed it. But this morning I fed her 2 bottles that she completely threw back up, and I am talking everywhere. She was also screaming constantly... At first I was thinking that it was again the milk or temp, but when the second bottle had the same effects, I started to worry. I checked her temp and it was 99.4. I called the doctor's office and was waiting for a call back. 30 minutes went by and I checked it again to find that it had gone up to 99.7. The nurse called about that time and said that they were going to fit her in since it was Friday, they didn't want to risk waiting until Monday if it was something serious.

So I drove to the doctors office and waited for them to fit me in...which took like an hour and a half. :( [While waiting I did see Angela and Dustin who were just leaving after Dallas's 2 month appointment/shots...note that they said Dallas only weighed 10 lbs 2 oz] When they took me to a room, Brooke's temp had gone back down to 99.1, which was a good thing. They also weighed her and she weighed 10 lbs and 7 oz! That is soooo crazy! I can't believe my baby girl has grown 3 lbs in 5 short weeks!

Anyway, back to the story. The doctor came in and checked her over and said that she seemed to be fine, that it was probably just a little stomach virus that would run its course and be gone, but since it was Friday, they wanted to test for the other thing that it could be. It seems that in 3% of babies the muscle that wraps around the opening from the stomach to the small intestines spasms closed and doesn't re-open. This happens between 4 and 6 weeks old, so Brooke is the perfect age for it. She said they would send me right over to Wolfson's for an ultrasound and that they would give me the results before I left. She went to leave and I was like "Um, what happens if that is the problem?" She came back into the room and sat across from me and said "Well, they would keep her overnight and tomorrow they would do surgery to cut the muscle so that it releases."

She says this very seriously and also very slowly, as if I were going to drop Brooke from shock and she would have to catch her. lol. While this was disturbing news, I wasn't really worried, I guess because of all the experience I have with my mom's surgeries and procedures. My first thoughts were "Okay, well its done laproscopically, which is good, and Wolfson's is one of the best hospitals in the region, so that's good. The Lord can handle it if that's what this is, so we'll be okay."

I called Mitch and both our mom's to tell them what was going on. Mitch definitely did not take it in I told him what the procedure would be if she had this issue and he was like "Are you serious?!?!? Holy Crap!" (or something to that affect! haha)

Anyway, we got to Wolfson's and they saw me fairly quickly and the Ultrasound didn't take long at all. They called me back with the results to tell me that it was negative (meaning that she wouldn't need surgery). So that was great news, except that I still didn't know what was wrong!

We left the hospital around 5 and Brooke hadn't eaten since 11 because they wouldn't let me feed her before the Ultrasound. So as soon as I got home I fed her and she seemed to be doing better. Her temp was down in the 98s and she wasn't spitting up or crying nearly as much as the morning. So I guess she's already getting over whatever it was. :) But needless to say it was quite and eventful day...

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