Thursday, November 5, 2009

Long Day, But She's Worth It...

Today was the longest day that I've had since I had Brooke, and by the time I got home tonight I was definitely feeling it! lol. Last night around 10 pm I found out that my Aunt Betty was in the hospital and was going to have a heart catherization (sp?) this morning, of course Mom and I were going to go. So I went to bed immediately but when I got up at 2 to feed Brooke, I couldn't go back to sleep so I just started getting ready to go. I left home at 5 am and got to my mom's by 5:30 or so. After transferring everything into her car, getting gas and food, we were on the road to Tallahassee.

I had fed Brooke at 4:45, so she was able to sleep until we got to the hospital around 9. We caught Aunt Betty right before she left for the procedure. They said that only one person could go with her, so Mom and I stayed in her room, while Uncle Alvin went with her. I tried to sleep while she was gone, but was wide awake. She got back to the room around 11 or so and Kelley and Rebecca arrived shortly after that. Kelley was hungry so me and Rebecca drove up to the McDonalds and bought us some lunch. Unfortunately, they didn't put our sauces in the bags so we were all a little disappointed! Laura had arrived when we got back to the hospital, and we all spent the next 4 hours laughing, talking and catching up, in general, while Aunt Betty's medications wore off.

They came in and said that the procedure went well and that they had found no blockages. This is great, except that we still don't know what's causing her problems! :( Uncle Alvin headed home when they told us that they would release her and left her with all of us girls. He had spent a good portion of the previous hour pacing the hallway, instead of listening to us! haha.

Mom and I left the hospital right before they discharged Aunt Betty and headed to their house, because Brooke wasn't going to make it all the way home before being fed again and I didn't want to wake her, feed her and wait for her to go back to sleep before leaving the hospital. When we got to the house, Uncle Alvin was finishing up dinner! He had done an excellent job too! (I especially LOVED the fried okra, it was SOOO good! haha)

We all ate when everyone got there, and Aunt Betty got to hold and feed Brooke, which she hadn't had a chance to do yet, so that was good. Mom and I got on the road around 7:30 and I was hoping to sleep on the drive home but couldn't fall asleep. Thankfully Mitch had gone ahead and gone to bed when he got home from work, because by the time I got home at 9:15, all I had the energy to do was pump and hit the sack! :)

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