Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mitch is on vacation.... (Part 2)

Well when I first posted about Mitch's vacation, I ended with Tuesday's events, so today I'll start with Wednesday and *try* to get through the rest of the week before the girls wake up from their nap! :)

Wednesday we got up and did some things around the house. We had Kalea for the whole day so we got a lot more done around here than I would have by myself! :) Still need to start the laundry but I'm really putting that one off! haha. At the end of the day, because I had to work at the church at 4:45 and Mitch wanted to hang out with Kris and his Dad, we took Kalea to her mom instead of waiting on Christina to drive up here and pick her up. So we dropped Kalea downtown around 3:50 and then I took Mitch out to Kris's house and Brooke and I turned around and came back to church. This leg of the trip was accompanied by Brooke's screaming because that's what she wanted to do! :( When we got to church we saw Grandma who decided to help me out by staying with us for at least a while to help w Brooke in the nursery. Since she's become very attached to me lately, I didn't know if I could handle her screaming every time I picked up another child, so we were going to see how it went. Well, Mom ended up staying the whole night! haha! We had about 10 kids though, so we definitely could use the help! After church was over, I went back over to the Wilson's home and hung out with Kris, Mitch and Mr James and ate the leftovers from their cook out! :)(Kris's first cook out on his new grill) When Mitch and I got home it was late, but we didn't mind!

Thursday we had Kalea for the whole day again and mostly stayed around the house. Kalea is/was cutting 3 teeth, so she had a fever all day. Every time she cuts a tooth she gets a fever of 104 or 105! And no, I'm not kidding! So she was back and forth all day between "I want to play" and "Hold me". :) Thursday night we went grocery shopping for some of the new deals at Publix and Winn Dixie. Then we went and had dinner with my Mom. It was a nice evening, but once again it was like 9:30 when we got home! And we had an early morning to get ready for!

Friday Mitch went fishing with Kris and his father in law, Steven. That meant that Mitch had to be over there by 7:15, but since Kalea isn't dropped off until 7:15, I had to drive him over to the westside, drop him off at 6:45 and hurry back home to be here for Christina and Kalea. Then as our fun thing, we had a pool play date! :)

We weren't sure if Kalea was going to be up for it, but she was a champ about it!

(Kalea and her Mom, Christina!)
Even did great when we stopped at Walmart to buy floats! :) Heaven knows, these girls will not run out of floats! haha. After the play date, I went to my mom's and waited for Mitch to get done. He didn't get back until 7:30 or so and we were both exhausted! Too bad Brooke doesn't know to sleep in on Saturday, because she was definitely up at 6:15!

Mitch got the yard mowed on Saturday and we both tried to catch up on sleep by taking naps! :) Then we headed to the southside for some errands! We went to Babies R Us to get the bumper cusions for the table in our living room, and came across a great deal on baby food! 12 jars of organic stage 2 food for $2.50! Can we say crazy? Yeah it was! Anyway, then we went to Once Upon a Child and Bealls Outlet, where I got a new bathing suit and Brooke got a Jumperoo and Memorial Day/4th of July/Labor Day dress!

After that we went to the mall and got our watches re-sized and had dinner at the food court! :) It was a good time and we even put Brooke in one of those moveable car things they have for kids! She was so cute!

We of course had church Sunday Morning and it was the Memorial Day service, which is seriously one of my favorites every year! :) All the kids in my class were so cute in their red white and blue, including Brookelynne!

Brooke and her friend Logan!

But I was concerned because at the end of Sunday School I had 9 kids and only 2 workers! But I really wanted to see the service since I had gotten stuck staying 5 out of the last 6 weeks, even though only 2 of those were my weeks. So Whitney was walking by when I was talking to Patty about the issue and volunteered to stay, which I so greatly appreciated! But I went back to the room just to tell Angela that if for any reason, it was getting too difficult to not hesitate to page me! Well, needless to say, she didn't! Even when they got 2 more kids, bringing their total to 11 kids, 3 adults. (a horrible ratio btw for 6-9 month old kids!) So I had come back a little early from the service to help with the preparation for going home (ie changing everyone's diapers, making sure ppl are fed, etc), and they were doing well! :) Although I'm pretty sure that Angela as well as the other volunteers will think twice before agreeing to volunteer again! lol.

After church we had lunch with my Dad and then went over to my mom's to drop Brooke off while we ran errands. :) When we made it home, Mitch was very tired so he took a nap. Then we got up and were going to go to dinner so we called our friends Kelly and Jeff and they came to Olive Garden with us! It was a good time for sure!

I'm going to stop there, because the girls are stirring, but will post about Memorial Day soon!

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