Monday, June 7, 2010

We're bad at keeping secrets....

We'll we SAID we weren't going to tell anyone until Wednesday, but as it turns out, we're really bad at keeping this kind of news quiet! lol :) Thursday Mitch called me from work and told me that we could tell our moms. I was like "What? I saw my mom last night and was barely able to keep my mouth shut and now you want me to call her up and be like 'Oh yeah, I'm pregnant'?" That's not cool, but whatever, so we called our moms and told them! :)

Then we discussed waiting until Father's Day to tell the rest of the family but that was too long to wait so we've been telling them as we can get a hold of them! :) We told my dad, Josh and Amy, Tricia and Jennifer Saturday night. But we couldn't get a hold of Wayne until last night (Sunday). Seriously though, my favorite person to tell so far this time was Amy because she was HILARIOUS! We were in the garage at her parent's house and I was like "Do you want to know a secret?" To which she replied "yes" while starting to bounce up and down. So I said "We're pregnant!" and her face was priceless!! She literally jumped up and down and hugged me and was like "No way! That's awesome!!!" :) It was really cute! <3 her!

Now if we can just make it to Wednesday! :)

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