Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Great News

Well, as you may notice, I've used this title before...and this time it is with the same result...A positive pregnancy test!! Yay!

I've been telling Mitch that I was pregnant for several weeks but he just keeps making fun of me, saying that all that means is that he's going to be buying A LOT of pregnancy tests. (Because I tend to not take no for an answer! haha) Anyway, since he was saying that I thought more about it and was like "He's probably right, and I'm just wanting to be pregnant so badly that I'm imagining these things or just looking for things that could be connected to pregnancy when there's really no correlation." So I hadn't taken a test and I hadn't taken a test and just kept telling myself to wait, that there was no point in wasting that last pregnancy test in the closet, because I haven't even had a period since I got pregnant with Brooke and I'm still pumping (only once a day, but still). But the last few days I've had zero energy. Like NONE! And that was something I suffered badly with in my first trimester with Brookelynne.

So back to my day, the series of events, when Brookelynne fell asleep, I went outside because our air conditioning hasn't been draining properly, so I took the shop vac and un-clogged it. I called Mitch to tell him that I had gotten it done, but he wasn't at the building and wasn't answering his cell phone. So...I left a message with the building for him to call me back. So then I headed to take a shower, and I just had this urge to take a test. So I stood there contemplating whether or not I should and finally said, "Forget it, if its negative, I'll just go to the dollar store and buy more and they'll be cheap so he can't complain!" And I took it.

I looked at it and as it filled it looked negative, so I set it down, just as the angle looked like it was becoming positive. I snatched it back up and started jumping up and down. Just then the phone rang! :) Isn't God so good like that? Mitch was calling, so I answered by saying "Guess what?!?!?" He said "What?" and I said "We're pregnant! That's not what I called you about, but I just took a test like 30 seconds ago and we totally are!! We're pregnant!" (Yes, I'm aware that I'm a dork, but still jumping up and down at this point, I didn't care!) He was like "Really? Are you serious? That's Great!!!" and then I told him about the air conditioning and asked him again, if he was happy, and he said "Yes! I'm very happy, we want more kids so this is great news!"

So we talked for a second about who we should tell and when and he told me to call the doctor before we do anything, because we have no way of knowing how far along I am or anything like that, so I did and am set to see the doctor next Wednesday at 1:30. They'll do a vaginal sonogram to determine how far along I am and what my due date is! YAY! Seriously CAN NOT WAIT!!

Once again we are so thankful that the Lord would give us the opportunity to raise more children! What an amazing honor! As I sit here typing I can see my baby girl napping in her swing and am in disbelief that this time next year (Lord willing) there will be a different baby in that same swing while my Brookelynne toddles around the house!

We'll tell everyone soon...but just not quite yet...


  1. So excited to be Aunt Sasha to another little one :) I am so happy for you all!

  2. Yay! You are so hilarious! I can't believe you told Mitch over the phone...LOL! I guess I would tell Dustin over the phone, too, if he happened to call right after I took a preggo test. When I took the one for Dallas, he was standing right there by me. Congrats again, friend! Sooo happy for you!

  3. Sash- ME TOO! :)

    Angela- Yeah, you would have thought it was even more hilarious if you could have heard how fast I was talking!!! :) I'm surprised he didn't ask me if I was on speed! haha