Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Brookelynne is 8 Months Old!!!

Hard to believe? I think soo!!! It is so much fun watching my baby girl grow up right before my eyes, but it just happens so quickly that sometime I think if I were to blink I would miss it! She's such a sweet girl with a great attitude and spirit about her! I'm so glad of that! She definitely gets that from her daddy who always has a smile regardless of what's going on around him! She's beautiful and smart and I really don't know what I would do without her. I told someone just today that it is like she's an extension of my body, a little piece of my heart beating in my hands instead of my chest. And every day I thank the Lord for giving her to me!

Well, let me get down to the facts so that you know exactly what's changed in the past month!

~She is 17 lbs, 5 oz buck naked at the doctor's office today! (Last week at the ENT with clothes, she was 18 lbs 12 oz, so she's either lost a lot of weight or was wearing super heavy clothes! lol) Still 28 inches tall!
~She is standing on her own (as I have mentioned and is pictured below). She has even started doing it on her own without us standing her up and then taking our hands away, she just crawls over to me or something else, pulls up and lets go. :) Today she even leaned over and picked something up off the floor without losing her balance or putting any weight on the floor!
~She can walk the length of the house if you're holding her hands. She thinks this is fun and occasionally when she's standing by herself will start to twitch her foot. I'm pretty sure she's gonna be trying that soon enough!
~She's eating 2 jars of food for breakfast, followed by a bottle before her nap. Then about a jar and half at lunch. She then gets a bottle around 2:30 as a 'snack' or 'prelude to naptime'. :) Dinner will consist of anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 jars of baby food and a bottle. And then she gets another bottle right before bed. :)
~She's crawling really well now and really fast! (She crawls better with out anything on her legs, if she's in pants or a long dress she has problems, but if her legs are on the floor, she's all over the place!)
~She's found the dog food bowls.... :) She found them about 3 weeks ago, so Mitchell moved the food, food bowl and water bowl to the corner by the back door in the kitchen, thinking that Brooke would not find it very easily, and that it would be easier to keep her from it because it's at the other side of the house. While the second is true, the first is not! She found it in like a week!

She went over to it, sat down, pulled the water bowl toward her and then splashed in it! :) Tama took it very well and just waited for me to move her so that Tama could eat her food!

~She loves all of her toys and I've started putting her small toys into the bucket she got at Collin's birthday party, and she thinks it is soooo much fun to dump it out and find the toys! :) (That's a little trick that Collin taught her a few weeks ago! haha)
~Her new favorite toy, now that she can crawl around and find them herself is her baby monitor! On nights when she sleeps in her swing or during the day if I want to take a nap while she is, I'll put her baby monitor in the hall so I can hear her. Well the other day I didn't pick it up immediately and about 8:30 or so, she found it! She searches it out now and LOVES it! :)

(Don't worry, I'm aware there is a cord, and I was watching her!)
~Still in size 3 diapers and is still wearing mostly 9 month clothes!

She stood up all by herself, and then stood there for a couple of minutes so that Mommy could get some pictures of her!

~Still the apple of Mommy and Daddy's eyes! :)

She loves pulling herself up on the table and then chewing on it!

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