Sunday, May 30, 2010

Note from Brookelynne...

Hey everyone!

This is Brooke. I've decided to hijack Mama's blog because she's been slacking lately and quite frankly, this is supposed to me about me anyway right? Yeah, that was the impression I was under! So let's get down to it!

The main thing that you guys should know is that I'm way cooler than my mom tells you all! She hasn't told you about all the fun I have with Kalea each week (the girl who Mom watches for part of the week). She's 14 months old and that's like seriously twice my age, but we have so much fun together! She's kinda small for her age and as anyone who sees me can tell, I'm on the other side of that scale! :) (not too big though, just like the 75%) Anyway, she's been showing me cool stuff like how to crawl and stand on my own. She's trying to wait on me to start walking so we can do it together, but between my mom and her's, they'll probably MAKE her walk before I can get it down! But don't worry, I'm close! I've been standing on my own for a couple of days now...I can't believe how excited Mama and Daddy get when I do it. *Geeze Louise* You'd think that no one had ever done it before!

But back to Kalea, we have serious fun! We sit in the back seat together when we run errands, and we eat lunch together too! She's showing me how to use that sippy cup thing, but I really don't get what is so great about it. Really, why would I use that when I have a perfectly good bottle that does the same thing? Whatever...Kalea seems to like it so I am giving it a try, but just so she doesn't feel bad for working so much harder than I do. :)

And one of the other things that Mama hasn't told you guys about is my awesome pool play dates that we've gone to in the past couple of weeks! Seriously, its pretty awesome. The first time that we had one, I was the only little girl, just me and all the mommies! But there were plenty of boys there for me to play with (namely, Malachi, Chandler, Collin, Nathan and Lee!) We got to swim in the pool and then play in the living room for a while too. It was very cool.

Then we got to do it again the next week! That time we had WAY more people, which of course made it more fun....let me see if I can remember everyone...Well of course there was Mama and Me, Kalea brought her mom, Mrs Christina, then Mrs Lindsey and Chandler, Mrs Julie and Collin, Mrs Whitney and Maxwell, Mrs Angela and Dallas, Mrs Winnie and Clara, Mrs Misty and Blake, Mrs Kelly and Malachi, Mrs Maggie with her two granddaughters, Mrs Krysten, Ethan and Tucker. I'm pretty sure that was everyone, but boy was that a lot! :) We had a really good time that day too. The first week had worn my two piece that I got from my cousins Alana and Jaqlyn, but it was pretty big still, so Daddy bought me a new tankini for this last week!

Isn't it SOOOO cute? Yeah, I know, I rock it! :) Anyway, I didn't like the water as much this week, but it was a little cooler, so I'm sure that was why. Here is a picture of me and my friend Dallas playing on the floor!

She's cool too. (Actually all of my friends are pretty cool, because seriously, with awesome parents and influences (me), how could they not be cool?) haha!

One of the other things that I've been up to is becoming what Mama likes to call a "stink-pot". What she really wants should call me is "little girl who has Mommy and Daddy wrapped around her little finger and at my beckon call!" For example, the other day we went over to Mrs Lindsey's house for a couple of hours and my friend Chandler had this jumperoo. Well all I had to do was look interested in it and Daddy put me right in, then I jumped around laughing and smiling and with out a word from me, he was like "We should go buy one of these for Brooke!" I seriously could have laughed out loud! (But I played it cool! Its just too easy!) But within a few days we were no other than Once Upon a Child and *tada* I was sitting in my very own Jumperoo! It was really funny once we got it home, because Mommy and Daddy looked at each other and were like "Where are we going to put this!?!?!?" But that's okay with me! Anyway, I think I hear Mommy coming down the hall way...she takes forever to do laundry! Better run!

Thanks again for reading Mom's blog and keeping up with what's going on with me! Love you all! XOXOX



  1. Aww...Brookelynne! I like it when you post! You are a sweet girl, and I love to read updates about you!