Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day!

The footprint we did in Sunday School and the clay hand print, my mom and Brooke made for me!

My first Mothers Day where I could hold my baby girl has come and gone, and I'm glad to say that I felt very special! It started Saturday night, when we celebrated with Mitch's mom at TGIFridays. We've made a habit over the years of taking her out on Saturday night, because Sundays are so crunched for time. (Mitch has to be in bed by 4 so he can get up for work around midnight). That way we don't have to rush with either of our moms.

So we met up for dinner and had a very nice time with her and Zach (Mitch's Brother). We got to spend some time with them and of course, they got to play with Brookelynne! We gave her her present, which was a book I had made with pictures of her grandchildren, and she really liked it! Which made me happy because I put a lot of work into it! She then gave me a Mother's day present, which was a very cute necklace! :)

Sunday Morning we got up bright and early as always, and headed to church. I am teaching Brooke's Sunday School class through the summer, so I wasn't able to attend the Ladies Assembly, but they made sure I got one of the gifts (a book). I was excited about going to the service after Sunday School and it was looking like I would be able to! Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for them, we had even more babies come right before the service, so that we had 11 in my room! The ladies that were volunteering for that hour were more than capable, but none of them were familiar with more than one of the babies and I just couldn't leave them out to dry with so many babies! For the day we had 12, which you would agree is crazy if you could see my room! But I had made some papers the night before with a heart on them and a small thing that said "I love you". So during Sunday School, we put each child's name on them and 'fingerprinted' their foot prints for their Mommies!

After that we had lunch with my Mom, Josh and Amy. It was a very sweet time, because it is rare that it is just the six of us. Either one of us is missing or someone else is there and it was just nice to let Mitch and Amy get an idea of what it used to be like everyday while we were growing up. This was very special to me too, because not only had Mitch and Brookelynne gotten me something, but my mom and Josh and Amy had too! How thoughtful! Josh and Amy bought me a really cute blanket that comes in a matching bag! (its in the washing machine, so picture will have to come later!) Its going to be awesome for play dates and beach days! Josh also gave me a sweet card telling me that he can see that I am and knows I will be a great mom! *Yes, I teared up a little, such a sweet little brother I have!* Then Mom gave me a picture frame that was really pretty and is going to look great in the living room! I can't wait to get pictures in it! She also gave me something from Brooke! She had done a clay hand print of Brookelynne sometime before and gave it to me. It was so cute! I can't believe a hand that small can hold my heart like it does!

Then my wonderful husband gave me a beautiful watch!

I love it! I haven't had a working wrist watch in years and I'm so excited to have one again! Now if I could only get back into the habit of looking at my wrist instead of pulling out my cell phone! But the real gift that my sweetie gave me was a very sweet card from my daughter! He swears that this is what Brookelynne told him to write, but I know he had something to do with it...

"Dear Mommy,
I know I don't tell you this enough,
but you are the very best mommy I know!
You're always there when I'm awake or asleep;
You're always there when it's time to eat.
You're always there when I'm learning new things
And you're there to share in the joy that learning brings.
You make me smile and you make me laugh
And when I'm all dirty, you give me a bath.
You have my friend Kalea over and let us play
You're the very best mommy in every way!
You're teaching me to crawl and teaching me to walk
and soon enough I'll learn to talk.
And then I'll still write it, but I'll say it too,
Happy Mothers Day! I LOVE YOU!
You're the best,

Is that not the SWEETEST thing EVER!?!?! I seriously could not stop crying! :)They are the best!

Before we left, I also got my gift from my sweet sister and her kids. Abbi and Davis had painted a flower pot and planted some flowers in it for me!

How cute! And Amy had also cooked me a cobbler, which was so sweet of her! (From handpicked blackberries, I might add!)

I am so blessed to have a wonderful Mom and a sweet Mother in law, and even more blessed to be a mother myself. I wouldn't trade Brookelynne for the world! Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day. I bet it feels pretty special to be able to celebrate this for the first time! Mothers are a gift from God.