Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mitch is on vacation.... (Part 1)

So for the past several days my wonderful husband has been on vacation. Doesn't that sound terrific? Yeah, you'd think so! lol, Just Kidding! Sorta...

While I love my hubby to death, going from spending 2 or 3 hours a day together to spending 200+ straight hours with him = *driving me crazy* haha.

But really, we've had a pretty good time so far! We kicked it off Friday night by going to see Robin Hood while my mom watched Brooke.

Saturday morning we had a reception for our darling daughter because she won a photo contest for her age category! :) There are 16 winners who each get $50 savings bond, and they draw a name for one of them to win a $3000 savings bond. Brooke didn't win this year, but I'm sure that she'll win for her age group again in the future so maybe she can pay for her college before kindergarten! haha After that we stopped by the UPS softball tournament and saw Uncle Josh and some others from the Jax Hub, and then had lunch with Grandma, Paw Paw and Uncle Josh before coming back home and cooling down!

Sunday was our usual coupon-crazy day, with us picking up our papers before church, hitting a Walgreens and then sorting the coupon inserts. Sunday school and church, followed by lunch (which was very low key because it was just Mom, Mitch, Brooke and me). Then we once again left Brooke with my mom (a new Sunday tradition) while Mitch and I went to 2 CVSs and 2 Walgreens to stock up on our free stuff (or money makers which we had this week! CVS was giving us $8 back when we spent $4 on 2 things of body wash...cha ching! lol) Then I went back to church and worked in the nursery.

Monday was pretty low key, just trying to get the house cleaned up and organized so that we could try to start leaving Tama out in the house...update on that a little later...

Tuesday we headed out of the house around 2, leaving Tama out in the house, and ran errands for several hours. Including going to Walgreens and getting over $100 worth of stuff (including printer ink and 2 packs of diapers) for all of $6! Even though the cashier tried to tell us that some of our coupons were fake! lol. I seriously did NOT feel bad about calling her manager over and getting it fixed, because she was just hating! haha. Then we had dinner at Whitey's Fish Camp with our sweet friends Kris and Marie and Kris's Dad and his girlfriend. It was such a good time! We really like Kris's dad a lot, and love getting to see him when he's in town! And he even bought our dinner which was so not necessary, but such a sweet thing for him to do! We didn't get home until after 10 and Tama had done WONDERFULLY!! No accidents, nothing torn up and she seemed happy, so we were very happy about that!

I will update about the second half of his vaca when its done! :) Happy Friday everyone!

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