Thursday, May 20, 2010

We've got a crawler (and clapper!) on our hands!

My baby girl is crawling like a pro! :) She started her first "army-arm-crawl" a little over a week ago, but just today has been on-her-hands-and-knees-crawling-more-than-just-one-stride-crawling! I am so proud of her! She's getting so big sooo fast, but I love that about her! Each day is a new adventure and I thank the Lord for that.

And Saturday night while I was at Ladies Night Out with the girls in my Sunday School class, Mitch was with the guys and kids at the Camp's house hanging out. They watched tv and played the Wii and when Mitch was playing Wii, he was playing with his right hand and holding Brooke on his left hip and she was loving it! She was getting so excited that she was waving her arms and then she started CLAPPING!!! :) I couldn't get her to do it for me on Sunday but by Monday night she had begun to understand what I was asking her to do! :) Now if you ask her to clap, it might take a minute, but she totally does it! :)

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