Saturday, May 8, 2010

7 months old...I just can't believe it!

In her awesome sunglass goggles! LOL

As I sit here beginning my first real Mother's Day Weekend, I canNOT believe that my baby girl is 7 months old today! She is so amazing and I am so grateful that the Lord decided to give her to me to raise. What an Honor! I know that people are given children every day and it is by definition, common. But there is nothing common about my baby girl and there is nothing common about being her mom. I pray that this is how every parent feels about each of their children, because I know I wouldn't trade this little girl or this feeling for anything. She's becoming such a "little person" as we like to say around here. She's no longer the baby that I brought home, who could do nothing on her own and depended on us for everything. While she still needs us, of course, she is so independent, a quality she no doubt gets naturally. :) She's growing so fast it is hard for me to keep up, but I'm doing my best... Here is a list of some of the things that have changed this month, along with some pretty pictures of my little baby doll!

*She weighs 17 lbs, even after being sick for a week, she bounced right back! My little chuncker! :) But she's also 28 cms long/tall, so maybe she's not a chunker after all!
* She is not only sitting up by herself, but she does sit ups! :) The doctor couldn't believe it, but when she is laying down and wants to sit up, she just pulls herself up like a sit up. You usually have to hold her feet down, but sometimes if she's close to something, she'll hook her feet under it and sit up! haha

In her camo outfit and hat!
* A few weeks ago, she pulled up for the first time, but last weekend my parents worked with her for a while and now she does it all. the. time! :) She pulls up on EVERYTHING from people and clothes to toys and furniture, and she is sooo proud of herself when she gets up!

Pulling herself up on a table, and the look of accomplishment afterwords!

* She's working on crawling, and technically crawled for the first time yesterday, but it was only once and only on the couch. She has been doing the leaning forward to reach for something and ending up on her hands and knees thing, which is so cute because half of the time she ends up in this yoga stance instead of on her knees! :)
* She is a daredevil... seriously, ANYTHING that should scare her, makes her laugh like crazy! We've known that saying "Boo" and trying to scare her made her laugh, but now that she's bigger and can be moved around more easily, she loves anything that should be at least a little scary! haha From being turned upside down, swinging down (like she's falling) or being thrown in the air, she LOVES it. One of her favorite things is when you hold her on your hip and jump, she just cracks up! ~don't worry, all of the aforementioned stunts are done with great care and concern for her well being! lol~
*She's started bouncing/jumping. She never did this before, but not long after she turned 6 months, she started doing this thing when she was sitting down and got excited where she would basically bounce on her bottom! It is soo cute! She also has begun to jump when she's standing up. This past Wednesday she had her first turn in an exersaucer and seemed to really like it!
* She's figured out what "no" means, at least sort of. She went to grab something the other day and Mitch said "No" and tapped her hand, she looked at her hand, then looked up at him and started crying. :( She still thinks it is funny when I say no, but not daddy! She takes him seriously! lol
* She's in mostly 9 month clothes, mainly because all of the six month clothes are soo short! Its really ridiculous! I've determined (as a side note) that we shouldn't be surprised that 8 year olds are wearing hoochie clothes, because we start them at birth! All of these clothes are made to go to like her butt, and thats it! Anyway...
* She is getting her first tooth! Seriously! We've been able to feel it since Tuesday, and hoping to see it any day! It also looks like the second one is right behind it! Yay!
* She still naps in her swing mostly, my mom seems to be the only one who can get her to sleep on her and I don't know how! But every time we are at my mom's house, I inevitably walk back into the living room from doing something else and there is my Mom and Brooke, asleep on the couch! lol
* She just had her first 'separation anxiety' moment, where she cries when I give her to someone else and start to walk away. We are going to be working on this! :)

All in all, I'm amazed that it has been 7 months since I spent a sleepless night waiting in anticipation to get to the hospital and have her. Time goes by too fast, but I wouldn't trade her for the world and I know that I need to just hold on for a few more months, living each day with my eyes wide open if I want to catch all the changes she's going to have. She'll never grow as fast as she has/is this year, and I just want to take it all in!

My Booger is already driving!! :)

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  1. Aaw, she is so cute and HAPPY! I love that 1st photo. It looks like she's ready to go for a competitive swim! :p