Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend Shopping Trip...

So yesterday morning Mitchell had to go into work for a few hours, so I decided it would be nice to go have breakfast with my grandma and mom. So we met at the Cracker Barrel and had a very nice breakfast. After that we went to the Bealls and Grandma Gwen bought three more things for Baby Brooke. (She's already got several things at her house!) Here's the picture of them!

My mom also picked out several outfits for Brooke because everything was on sale, 50% off! So it looks like Brooke is going to have tons of things from her grandma at the shower! Then we went over to Belk and Grandma Gwen scared me to death because she fell in the isle on that tile. She, thankfully, was okay! She's such a trooper! When I headed home, my Mom ran over to look around at Hobby Lobby and found a bulletin board for Brooke's room that perfectly matches one of the fabrics that is part of her bedding! I'm so excited because we were going to make one but since it was on sale it only cost $7 and we couldn't have made it for that much! :) And for all of you who are curious about it, we have a picture of course!!

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