Thursday, June 11, 2009

Already a Mommy...

So as most of you guys know, Mitch and I have two dogs. Toby we got about a month after we got married and have had for more than two years, and Tama we got in early December, but she is full grown and has burrowed herself into our hearts and lives. We often tell people that our dogs are like our children, and most of the time they think we're making a joke and I can see how they think that seeing as how Toby is 45 lbs and Tama is 65 lbs and they are a little overwhelming for most people.

Tonight we had an experience that reminded me once again how maternal I feel for our dogs. I usually go outside with them when I let them into the back yard, but I was finishing dinner so I just put them on the chain one at a time and let them go to the bathroom. Tama went out, barked for a few minutes and then I brought her in. I then put Toby (the one who hates being outside and always comes back to the door as soon as he's done) on the chain. It had been a few minutes but I didn't really think about it because I always hear him whine to get inside. Mitch stepped outside to call him in, and he was out there trying to poop but Mitch could barely see his skin because he was covered in bugs. Mitch pulled him in and we swatted away everything and he seemed fine. We sat down to dinner and about the time I finished my plate I looked down at Toby and his whole little body was covered in dime size bumps, like 60 of them. I immediately pulled him on the couch and covered him with my body as I kissed his head and tried to assess how bad it was. We then loved on him and held him for like twenty minutes, even though I'm 90% sure he's not even itching! I swear I love these dogs way too much!

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